Jan 23, 2015

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Dad and Kids: Cooper & Kid

Guest Blogger: Chancellor Wyman 
Metro Detroit Mommy has received this product for free in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are those of the blogger.  Your experience may differ.  
On a Saturday afternoon, my daughter Rosa and I settled down to open a package labeled Cooper & Kid we had received a few days before.  The box itself really presented an air of mystery as opening it revealed black paper covering wrapped items.  The inside of the box itself was also painted completely black.

Once opened, we were presented with instructions.  One was clearly labeled for dad (me) and the other was meant for my daughter (Rosaleigh).  This really got us both excited to see exactly what we were in for when we finally got everything out of the box.

Once we started pulling out the various items, and I started looking through the Dad instructions, it became apparent that Cooper & Kid is geared toward dads and daughters to create and perform magic tricks together.  The tricks themselves are based on scientific principles, such as perception, chemical reactions, and static electricity, to name a few.

What was really neat was how the instructions started with the simplest of the tricks and carried on up to the more complicated ones.  It even came with a magic wand!

We did have a little difficulty with the magic levitating wand as a piece broke off, more from my clumsiness than anything else.  But, customer service was great and very responsive as we received a replacement in just a few days.  For now, we'd have to try some of the other tricks.

We started out with the first one listed that had us prepare a cone.  The basic trick involved holding it up so people could see through it and see that there was nothing in it.  But once you put it down, you'd magically pull a handkerchief out of it.  There was a little difficulty finagling the paper into a cone shape, but after some patience, I was able to get it taped together as the instructions highlighted.  After that, Rosa got to show off her skills as a magician.
Another neat trick involved using the box itself and turning a 2D paper owl into a three dimensional one.  Rosa and I had fun putting together the 3D owl.
While these are 'magic' tricks, the science behind each one is explored so that it's not only fun, but your kids can learn how and why each trick works the way they do.

Age-wise, this really is better for 5 and up as some patience is required in setting up some of the tricks.  Dad is the person who will end up putting things together, but once that's done, you can let your little magician shine and wow her family and friends with with her amazing powers.

We had the opportunity to experience the Magic themed box, your box will probably be different, but each Cooper Kit  contains multiple curated products and activities designed to enrich your quality time with your children (suggested ages: 5-9).  

Plus all this: 
  • A shipping box that turns into a toy!
  • An activity book that guides you through the theme and the contents of the box
  • A bedtime story
  • A separate website of related digital resources
  • Links to even MORE theme-related activities that are ‘Beyond the Box’
  • Parenting and topical links to resources that are ‘Just for Dad’
  • A themed dinner menu with recipes (guys are doing a ton of cooking for the family these days)

Our kid had taken over several Saturdays of exploration an fun, hours upon hours of learning and smiles.  You can order your Cooper & Kid box online today.  

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