Feb 12, 2016

Create your own 10 Minute Workout

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker - BeachBody Coach

We all have those days, you know, the days where you wake up and plan to take some time for yourself, but next thing you know it’s the middle of the afternoon and you haven’t had time to sit down yet.  Or the days where you want to fit in some time for yourself, to do something good for your body, but as the day goes on there’s always something else on your list that should get done first.  Next thing you know it’s late evening and you are too exhausted to do anything at all except sit on the couch and unwind.
I’ve been there, done that, as they say.  But I’ve learned a few tricks over the years and found a way to fit in a quick workout that is good for your well-being, health and sanity, in a minimal amount of time.  And, I dare say that anyone can do it!  

The premise of exercise is to get your heart rate up, get those calories burning.  Sometimes we forget, you don’t need to do high intensity interval training to do that, nor do you need to spend 30 minutes if you aren’t able to.  On days I am short on time, I make up my own workout.  The best part about it is, you can do it anywhere, I’ve done it on vacation in my hotel room when I didn’t have the hour to spend in the gym/time to shower/change etc.  What is great is that you don’t even need the TV, which means you can do it while the kids are watching TV!  Or, if your kids are like mine, they may want to do it with you!  Or hey, you can do it while YOU watch TV, during commercial breaks.  You can do this work out for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.  Customize it to what fits into your day.  You decide your intensity level.  

Below is a list of exercises you can do, indoors or outdoors.  If it’s summer, why not do it while you’re watching the kids playing in the yard?  You can do each for any amount of time that you want.  You can mix and match what you want to do, if you want to target abs or legs or you want a full body workout.  Another suggestion, if you have hand weights, you can use those as well to burn more calories and build muscle.  Most of the below you’ve probably heard of, for those you haven’t it’s easy to google and find a YouTube video of how to do it properly.  There’s a lot to choose from, pick a few and get to work!  

Jumping Jacks
Squats (regular or sumo)
Lunges (front, back, side)
Lunges with a “chop” (weights)
Plank (normal, side)
Plank with a row (weights)
Plank twist
Plank moguls
Crunches (bicycle crunch, side crunch etc.)
Russian Twist (with or without weights)
Reverse Crunch
Running in place
Skipping in place
High Knees
Mountain climbers
V Up’s
Bird Dogs
Leg Lifts (while standing- to the side, back etc. or while on all fours)
Fire Hydrants (while on all fours)
Squat jumps
Jumping Lunges
Rock Star jumps
Down Dog
Sun-salutation (Yoga)
Pilates 100
Lower Back Shoulder Bridge
Upper Back Letter “T”

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