Mar 12, 2015

Personal Log Entry - Amber Louchart - 3/12/15 A Big Annoucement!!! and some rambling...

So, I have some rather big news to announce.  Our family is going to be a bit bigger in August, Chancellor and I (Amber) are expecting our third child together.  (This will be my fourth.)  Making our family of five (Chancellor, Damian, Rosaleigh, Carlyn and myself) into a family of six.  OH MY!
I am due in the beginning of August (I am 18 weeks and 5 days today). This has been very taxing on me, from the nausea, to the heart burn and especially the lethargy.  I am not doing this again.. lol.

Things have been really rough for me since about a week before Christmas.  My energy level took a nose dive and I was spending up to sixteen hours a day sleeping.  I spoke with my doctor several times about this and it was chalked up to me being forty one and pregnant.

I have to stop you here and tell you... it was bad.  Really bad.  The ONLY thing that was pulling me through each day was the thought that it HAD to end once I had the baby.. right?

It wasn't until I spoke with my friend (and fellow MDM blogger) Robin (a Doula and owner of
Harmony Professional Birth Services), when she told me she thought I may have low Magnesium levels.  Along with the lethargy, I also had restless legs and my blood pressure was creeping up.  So, with 750 mg of Magnesium a day, I am feeling much better than before... but I am still tired as all heck.  {So that is why I haven't been posting as much on MDM.}

We did the full body ultra sound on Monday, and everything is normal.  And for some reason, I seem to have very active babies.  We were supposed to find out the gender of the baby, but he/she was moving around to much for a conclusive  determination to be made, although the ultrasound tech said she thinks it is a girl.. "but I wouldn't put any money on it".

Looking forward to the future and making the most of every moment until then,
Amber Louchart
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