Apr 28, 2015

PiYo- A Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger Theresa Walker - BeachBody Coach

Here’s a “secret”, something I don’t like to tell everyone, but this year in October, I will be turning 40.  I’m not sure yet how I truly feel about it.  Turning 30 didn’t really phase me, but turning 40…I’m not so sure.  I feel like I should be doing something to prepare for it, making a difference, accomplishing something big.  But I’m not sure yet what that something is.  What I do know, is that I want to look and feel good when the big 4-0 arrives!  I want to have *another* 40 ahead of me in great health.

The past several years I have been on I suppose what you’d call a fitness quest.  I’ve been very active; pilates, biking, running, HIIT, circuit training, strength.  I’m a stay at home mom, so it became one of my hobbies and my stress relief.  But, I got to the point that no matter what I was doing,  I wasn’t getting any fitter, even during training for two half marathons, which as you can imagine is pretty intense.  It’s not that I was unhappy with where I was at, I was and am a healthy weight, mid-range BMI.  I just wanted to be a little more toned, but all of this working out, wasn’t working FOR me.  Maybe I needed to switch it up?  

So, I posted on my Facebook looking for suggestions for programs that might go well with my running.  I started to wonder that perhaps I didn’t need more cardio, instead, something to compliment it.  That’s when a few friends mentioned PiYo, which is a Pilates and Yoga fusion workout.  I’d done both yoga and Pilates before separately, so I thought why not give it a try?  What did I have to lose?  Turns out PiYo is made by Beach Body, the company known for programs like Insanity and P90X.  But those programs weren’t what I was looking for, turns out, Beach Body offers a large variety of workout programs.  Including some newer programs like the 21 Day Fix and PiYo, both of  which would be great for a beginner just starting their fitness journey to someone who is looking to lose the last 10lbs.

I took a leap of faith, and decided to try this PiYo…. And after 8 weeks of following the program, I truly enjoyed doing PiYo each morning, I love that I can wake up and do something that is relaxing and invigorating.  When I am done, I feel strong, stretched and relaxed.  But wait…usually I rate my workout quality by how much I sweat, how fast my heart is beating out of my chest.  Was I getting a good workout or was I wasting my time?  It turns out, even though I wasn’t doing high-impact pounding, I was toning muscle and burning fat.  As weeks went on, around week 3 the workouts did noticeably increase in intensity.  Just in time to work towards greater results. In addition to a healthy diet, with PiYo I managed to lose 5lbs and 7 total combined inches, I’d say those are great results!

To give you an idea of the PiYo program I am doing, if you follow the recommended schedule it’s a 6 days a week workout.  However, most of the workouts are 20-35 mins, which is very manageable to fit into a busy schedule.  PiYo takes you through stretching, strengthening and body weight resistance based exercises at a fast, flowing pace to sculpt and define muscles while burning calories.    The first 4 weeks are a build up to the last 4 weeks, where the workouts do get more intense and challenging.  PiYo is easy for a novice to follow; there isn’t complex choreography.  There is also always a modifier so you can start at the level that is right for you and provide a challenge.  All you need to do the workouts is yourself, some space and a yoga mat if you are on a hardwood floor.  Here are the individual workouts included:

I am glad that I have found a program that I truly enjoy and look forward to each day.  That is what really matters when you are searching for a program that is right for you.  You may need to try a few programs or activities before finding one that is something you enjoy doing, but it is well worth it.  Once you find something you love, you will stick to it, and therefore reach the results you are looking for. After doing PiYo and loving my results, I decided to become a Beach Body Coach to help others reach their own personal goals.  If you have questions on PiYo or other Beach Body programs, please contact me through my Beach Body Page or my Facebook group- Inspired Health and Fitness.  
I'd love to support you on your journey! 

Theresa Walker 
Theresa is a wife and stay at home mother of 2 energetic boys, DJ (8) and Aiden (5). She has a bachelors in Communications and prior to being a mother she worked at Better Investing magazine in advertising and as a Corporate Account Manager. These days she is fortunate enough to spend time with her boys checking out all of the local fun there is to be had. She and her family love to travel. She is also active in a large online mom's group through Facebook that she started called Planet Mom. She enjoys being active and one of her proudest accomplishments was running the Detroit Half Marathon as well as the Romeo to Richmond Half. In her free time you can find her running or biking through Stony Creek. Or curled up on a couch with a good book and her cat in her lap. She recently became a BeachBody Coach, so that she could share her love for health and fitness with others to help them reach their personal goals. You can find her Facebook page at Inspired Health & Fitness. She considers herself a "Fit Foodie" and loves trying new recipes, experimenting and new restaurants around town. She hopes she can share some of her tips for healthy eating and exercise for busy moms and Metro Detroit Mommy Fans.

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