May 23, 2015

5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects

 5 Easy Kids Wall Art Projects
By: Danielle Hegedus

Do you want to decorate your child’s room so that it is playful, stylish, and a place where they want to hang out? Instead of spending a lot of money on a professional upgrade or pricey artwork, consider taking on the project yourself, or with your kids if they are old enough to help. Here are five easy wall art projects to help infuse your child’s room with personality. I hope they inspire you to create your own unique masterpiece!

Let Your Child’s Interests Inspire You
We live in the Motor City, how could I pass on this?! What a great way to bring an array of color into the room without being overwhelming. Imagine Our Life-Creative Living With a Family has a great tutorial on how to create this rainbow car art work. You can use standard Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars, but I found that there were a lot more lighter-weight options at discount stores (like the Dollar Store or WalMart) that adhere to the canvas more easily. In the tutorial, they used nail polish when they couldn’t find the right colored cars needed to complete the rainbow effect--very smart!

Nurture a Burgeoning Artist
My kids create tons of art and it can be a challenge to find a place for it that lets them know how much I appreciate it. Create a gallery wall to proudly display your child’s art while creating a focal point for the room. I recommend using uniform frames to pull all the artwork together. Ikea is a great source for inexpensive frames. Once you’ve pulled out the level, hammer, and nails the hard part is done. Easily change out artwork as they get older and their personal style becomes more sophisticated.

Give Old Art Projects a New Life in a Mosaic
This is so beautiful, I would have bought it in a store! Create this mosaic with the help of your family using scrap paper from art projects long passed. You’ll teach your kids about recycling and how you can make something really stunning by working together. Also, if you live in an apartment and can’t paint your walls, this is an incredibly effective way to bring bold color into the room. Kate Bullen provides a tutorial on how to create a piece like this, but it is very simple. A blank canvas, deco pauge, and a mix of scrap paper and old artwork (that we’re emotionally okay with recycling--trust me, ask first), and scissors and you’re ready to go!

Introduce an Element of Whimsy
This project doesn’t cost much, but it does take a little focus, so you’ll need to supervise young children lest you end up with more paint than feathers! All you need are fake feathers, paint, and paintbrushes. If you are working with young children, perhaps have them paint the entire feather in a color they like, and then follow up behind them to add detail. When displayed on a wall these decorated feathers add such a feeling of fluidity to the room. If your windows are open and you catch a good breeze, they just might take flight.

Try Your Hand at String Art
I was initially intimidated by string art--it looks so complex, but I found a tutorial on Instructables that really simplified the process for me. You can work with wood and nails (as pictured here) or start out with corkboard like in the tutorial. Ultimately this is a low cost project that is light-weight on your walls, and creates an impressive effect. Also, if you mess up a few times, it’s super easy to start over and you won’t have wasted any materials. I like that this type of artwork teaches my kids about shapes and introduces  texture and dimension to their walls.

I hope these examples have provided you with some inspiration to create your own artwork to make your child’s room one of a kind!

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