Jun 1, 2015

Imagination Station - Toledo, OH

Bri received free admission to the Imagination Station in Toledo in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are her own, your experience may differ.

I was so excited to take my girls (ages 6 and 4) down to Toledo, Ohio for our first time to check out the Imagination Station.   The Imagination Station promises visitors of every age a multi-sensory experience that’s as fun as it is educational.  About an hour from Canton it was a fairly decent drive to Toledo - although I would leave some extra time for parking which can be a little troublesome.  It was a quick wait to get in and through the admissions.  There are a few add-ons for admissions to check out such as special exhibits and the Simulator which can be found on the website or at the bottom of this post.

Upon entering, one of the coolest attractions we saw was the High Wire Cycle that was 20 feet above ground!  No one in our group did the cycle as my girls didn’t want to see their Mama up there.    The BOYO is very cool as well for kids to try – it’s a human Yo-Yo! 

One of the exhibits that our family enjoyed was the ‘Eat-It-Up’ section.  The girls loved playing the Heart Rate Rally over and over again to see what their heart rate was before and after they hit the lighted buttons.  While we were there, they were also doing a science experiment with an egg and vinegar – turning it rubber!   Lots of fun activities to do in this exhibit.

While we were waiting for the 'Over the Edge' Simulator (which was awesome!)  we  played in the Energy-Factory.   Magnets are always fun and we loved checking out the Energy Transfer turntable.  There was a lot of competition with kids and their family members trying to get their discs to stay upright the longest.  The girls Papa had a good time playing with the programmable robot arm.

The Water Works Exhibit was a highlight for our trip to the Imagination Station.  I knew it would be a hit with the girls, and their grandparents as well!  The Vortex Pool was fun to play with and showed us that we could make our own whirlpool just like nature.  We all had a blast playing in the water and erosion tables.  You could spend hours in this section alone playing in the water.

We also loved checking out the Hurricane Chamber!  Where else can you feel what a Category 1 Hurricane feels like!  Definitely nothing we experience here in Michigan. 

My personal favorite Exhibit was the Science Studio.  The experiment of the day was making a landing space for an egg.  It was going to be dropped through a tube at three varying heights to see if it landed safely or if it broke.  You had to build the landing space out of only six pieces of paper and masking tape.  My four year old did the experiment and our egg did not break.  She was so excited to write her name on the board!

We spent about 4 hours at the Imagination Station and weren’t able to check everything out.  We will definitely be going back again!    The Imagination Station has a variety of Summer Events going on and you can find more information at their website: http://imaginationstationtoledo.org/

Celebrate Father’s Day • June 16 – 21

Use your electrical engineering skills to harness the power of electricity and make a papertronics card for Dad. Celebrate Father’s Day on June 21 at Imagination Station, and dads get in FREE with paid child admission!

4th of July Science • June 30 – July 5

Celebrate with 4th of July activities all week long, and don't miss our special 4th of July Science Demonstration on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! 

Hero Day • July 18, 10am – 4pm 

Discover how Toledo-area emergency organizations use science and technology to save lives and keep you safe! Meet local heroes, explore emergency vehicles and try on safety gear.

Rocket Science • August 4 – 9

Trajectory, fuel and physics. Use Newton’s third law of motion to propel objects high into the sky. The science of rockets is about to blast off!

Water Rocket Challenge • August 8, 10am – 4pm & August 9, Noon - 4pm

Discover the engineer within. This exciting science challenge gives kids of all ages the opportunity to design and build their own rocket. 

Imagination Station • Open Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day

Imagination Station, Toledo’s Science Center, offers hundreds of interactive exhibits and demonstrations that are as fun as they are educational. Ride the High Wire Cycle balanced 18 feet above the atrium, become a human yo-yo on the BOYO, trick your brain in Mind Zone and explore the science center’s Leaning Worlds. There’s even a special Learning World for our youngest explorers - Little KIDSPACE.

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