Jun 30, 2015

Introducing Zoonicorns - Plush and Book Combos Make Reading Fun

Look what I discovered: Zoonicorns!!! They are a combination of a unicorn and a zebra who visit the dreams of young zoo animals and help them discover important life lessons through adventures. These creatures are super cute, compact and a ton of fun for children.


Enrich Playtime with Life Adventures and Important Lessons!
With Zoonicorns, children can enjoy hours of playtime accompanied by life lessons as they journey along with the Zoonicorns in the land of dreams while reading through the fun stories and letting their imagination soar with the uber cute plushies.

The Zoonicorn plush line is enhanced by the coordinating book series, where each Zoonicorn comes to life. Each plush is soft, cuddly, and stands at 7 inches tall. The Zoonicorns, make the perfect companion for playtime, bedtime, and on-the-go. Plus, because they come in a variety of colors and personalities, there is a perfect Zoonicorn for every child.

The Zoonicorn family includes:
Valeo (Blue): The Zoonicorn leader who overcomes his shyness when meeting new friends and loves hanging out with his buddies near the Africa exhibits!
Promithea (Purple): Reliable and shy, Promithea epitomizes intelligence and gentleness and is the perfect secret keeper for all of her pals.
Aliel (Pink): Spunky, fun, and always zooming at full speed, Aliel is friends with every animal at the zoo and makes a great companion for any child too!
Ene (Green): A charming practical joker who loves mischief and his naps! Great for snuggling when catching some Z’s.

With more than just toy making in mind, Zoonicorn, LLC is passionate about developing products that enrich lives of children in meaningful ways.
"Dreams are one place that parents can't go to help their children," said creator Mark Lubratt. "The Zoonicorns exist to take anxious young zoo animals on fantastic and encouraging adventures in their dreams in ways that teach them an important lesson that helps them."

Get your Zoonicorn today on their website www.zoonicorn.com and you can like Zoonicorn on Facebook.

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