Jul 8, 2015

Fresh Baby - Toddler Meals Made Easy

Metro Detroit Mommy received products from Fresh Baby in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are my own.  Your experience may differ.  This post contains Amazon.com affiliate links.

One of the most common questions we see on Metro Detroit Mommy and other parenting forums relate to toddlers and eating.  Many toddlers are picky, adding to that the difficulty of making sure the foods are safe (avoiding choking hazards) it can add to the stress of toddler meal time.

Luckily for us, I have two children who are willing to try just about anything. That being said, meeting the nutritional needs of a toddler isn't always so easy, and sometimes our meal plan tends to be boring or even worse I get caught 10 minutes after lunchtime with "Mom, what are we having for lunch today?"

Courtesy of Fresh Baby, I had the opportunity to check out four fantastic items.  The So Easy toddler food book and MyPlate combo is a great item to help with toddler meal time.  The book is filled with fun and easy meal ideas that can be altered to meet your child's dietary needs.  Even if  have a child with food allergies or have an extremely picky eater, I am confident you will be able to modify these simple recipes to meet your child's dietary needs.  I love that most of the recipes start with real natural foods. With nutritional information provided on each page, you will get a good idea of how the meal with meat your child's dietary needs.  The plate is divided into 4 sections to help with portion control.

We also received the MyPlate Daily Meal Plan card and the MyPlate Grocery List.  Both are great tools for families to ensure that children are getting the right portions of each food group.  The grocery list can be used with your toddler.  If your toddler can speak, they can help you choose out their favorite foods in each category.

Today we tried out one of the recipes from the book with a modification.  The quesadillas recipe is quick and easy and lends itself nicely to many different modifications.  I didn't have beans in the house, so I subbed Tunafish in the recipe, making a quesadilla with tuna, cheese, corn and tortilla.  Super yummy and both of my girls asked for seconds!  You can find a ton of fun and easy toddler recipe ideas on the Fresh Baby website.

There is a recipe for Macaroni with Chicken and Peas in the book that I can't wait to try out.  The Classic Cheese Sauce they use (made from scratch) looks super yummy and I am sure it will be a hit with the girls.

Overall, I found the products from Fresh Baby very easy to understand and packed full of information.  Especially the So Easy toddler food book which contained ideas for children to help at meal time, recipes, food portions and so much more.  I highly recommend the book if you have a toddler and are looking for some new ideas for meal and snack time.

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