Jun 13, 2016

Heritage Park in Canton - Splash Pad and Playground

Originally Published on 7/27/15

Recently I took the girls out to Heritage Park in Canton to enjoy their beautiful playground and splash pad.  

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Heritage Park is located at the northwest corner of Canton Center Road S. and Summit Parkway.  The park features  athletic fields, baseball / softball diamonds, convenient parking, pavilions, picnic tables, a couple playgrounds, a pond, three restroom facilities, sand volleyball, splash playground, walking track and a woodland area.

We spend our time at the south side of the park at the Heritage Hideout and Splash Playground.   

The girls had a great time at the park.  Rosa (age 6) and Carlyn (almost 3) were able to easily navigate most of the climbing features on their own.  Carlyn needed assistance on a couple of the elements.

The Heritage Hideout is rather large, so kids can easily slip away from view, but there is only one side where the kids can leave and enter the play area, which made things much easier.  

 There were three covered pavilions nearby with picnic tables which would make this a great place for a family gathering, birthday party, mom's group meetup or just lunch or dinner at the park.

Not too far from the play area we found the restrooms and a water fountain.  Very important when you have young ones.

The splash pad opened at 11am and the girls were so excited to get into the water.  There were already a large group of children in the water when it opened.  Most of the kids didn't seem to mind, but my girls said the water was really cold, despite the weather being it the high 80's.   

There are plenty of water elements on the splash pad for the children to enjoy. There are a few benches and picnic tables about the splay pad along with a section off to the side for picnicking.  There is also plenty of green grass to spread out a blanket and enjoy a warm sunny day while the children play in the water.

The splash pad is made of cement, so I would recommend this for children that are at least walking age.

Overall the park was super clean and lots of fun.  We only explored a small portion of what this park has to offer on our visit, and the girls had a lot of fun.  

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