Aug 4, 2015

10 Tips that WILL help you prepare for a Walt Disney World Vacation

10 Tips that WILL help you prepare for a Walt Disney World Vacation
Guest Blogger – Nina Fabinski (Disney Travel Agent)
With all my years of planning Walt Disney World vacations…I have gathered a list of common questions or facts that many, many people have and ask me on a daily basis.  So in an attempt to simplify what can be an overwhelming process…here are 10 facts that can help YOU prepare for a Disney Vacation.  See my Blog for more tips:

1. Transportation:  Did you know that if you book a Walt Disney World Vacation Package including staying on Disney property…you will get FREE Transportation?  Disney’s Magical Express will pick you up from the airport and deliver you to your home away from home.  They will also bring you back when it’s time.  Also…once on Disney Property…all transportation; monorails, buses, water taxis, etc are all FREE and to your disposal.

2. Strollers:  Lots and lots of questions about strollers.  Strollers are allowed at Disney…and they are HIGHLY recommended…even for kids beyond stroller age.  You can bring from home, rent at the parks, or my preference…rent from an independent Stroller Company and have delivered to your resort room and have the opportunity to use during your entire trip.  I prefer bringing my own…but often times that doesn’t work.  Some families need a double stroller for Disney but only own a single and some families only have super deluxe (and heavy) strollers and the packing and collapsing of these can be too much to bear.  NOTE:  you can bring strollers on the airplane and have them stored right before you find your seat.  No wagons are allowed at Disney.  For tips about Napping – 

3. Hopper Pass:  To HOP or NOT?  WDW offers a special ticket that allows you to “hop” from one park to another in a single day?  This is an awesome idea for those that are unsure if they will like a park or not.  They’re great for those who want to enjoy one park in the AM and a different one in the PM.  This is also a great thing to have if you have a larger group or kids of difference ages.  Often times people can separate and meet up later at a chosen location or restaurant…then are free to roam as they wish throughout the Disney area.  Some families choose not to “hop” and that’s great too…but having the option really can open up your vacation opportunities.

4. WaterParks:  Did you know that WDW has 2 major Waterparks on its property?  Two fully awesome parks come complete with surfing, sliding, tubing and more.  This ticket option is great for those who are part “fish” and for those staying for a long time.  It’s a great way to break up the week and break up the hot days.  Is this option perfect for everyone, no…but for those that need water thrills beyond their resorts pools…this option might be for you.  Beware…pools are currently not heated and you do need to bring your own towels.  Those with little ones…your resort pool just might be enough for your first trip…but a great option for next time.  NOTE:  Resort pools are heated and provide towels for guests. 

5. All Inclusive Resort:  Many people want to know…”what else do I need to pay for, outside of my Disney package”.  After adding tickets and the meal plan to your package…you’re pretty much left with very little to spend out of pocket.  Add a few souvenirs and service tips and you’re vacation is covered.  Airfare can also be added to make your entire Disney Vacation Package complete.  And by adding the meal plan you can save up to 35% off.  It’s the only way my family vacations.  I have done it with and without the plan…but the plan wins hands-down; it’s easy, simple and keeps you full (which you need when active all day long).  For more insight on the meal plan -

6. Rain:  What to do if it rains?  I get this question almost daily…YES it does rain in Florida and NO I can NOT fully predict when it will/won’t rain.  But what I can do is provide you options on how to handle it – PONCHOS and ME.  For most people…your days are already laid out, complete with dining reservations and fast-passes, so keeping your plans as is and rocking the parks in a poncho is the way to go.  But for those that just can’t do the rain or have the availability to switch days (which I can help with behind the scenes); Downtown Disney, Resort hopping/shopping or keeping it light are great ideas.  You’d be surprised how much there is to do that isn’t “PARK” related.  In Downtown Disney alone you have movie theaters, bowling alleys, shopping, dining and exploring.  Heck…I could spend days shopping and eating alone, LOL.  Also most resorts have daily activities planned…so hanging at your resort for a few is also a great option.  NOTE: Specail MDM post coming soon.

7. Refrigerators:  Did you know that ALL Disney resort rooms now come standard with a min refrigerator?  This is great for those who have special dietary needs or meds that require refrigeration.  It’s also great for those that want to keep their favorite cold beverage or snack in the room.  NOTE:  And all resorts sell common basic drinks like milk and juice to help you start the day, just add cereal and boom – a quick breakfast in the room.

8. Welcoming Ceremony:  One hidden little secret about Magic Kingdom is it’s amazing “rope drop”…which happens every “normal hours” morning.  Disney has a special little welcoming ceremony that gets you all hyped up for the magical day ahead…yep.  It’s just a little show that embodies the spirit of Disney and of course makes me cry like a kid every time.  It happens about 30 min before the park opens and is a great way to see many characters at one time.  If you arrive early enough, you can get a front-row look at the magic.  Nothing says welcome to Walt Disney World like a train filled with Disney characters including the famous Mickey Mouse.  To me…it’s worth the getting up early and seeing at least once.  HINT:  bring tissues if you’re a happy, emotional basket-case like me

9. Fast-passes:  If you have been to Disney before you know what a fast-pass is…but did you know that they are totally different now.  Answering “what is a fast-pass” is another daily task.  Fast-passes are electronic and link to your resort package…you get 3 fast-passes per day that you make prior to your vacation. They are excellent for coasters, popular rides and attractions you don’t want to wait in line for.  Selecting your fast-passes can be overwhelming but when done correctly they really can make and save a crowded vacation.  The key is to pick rides with long wait lines and rides are near each other so you can easily do 2 rides back to back.  Other tips can be found on my facebook page –  Tips are posted weekly.

10. Best Family Pic:  Ever wonder how to get an amazing family photo without “strangers” in the background…and while the sun is up.   If you make dining (breakfast) reservations in the parks before the park actually opens you can.  If you are able to rise and shine early…this is the best way to get awesome pictures of the parks, in the parks and especially in-front of the castle.  Rides will NOT be open yet, but you can smile in peace and quiet.  NOTE:  You may need to call a cab, depending on resort and reservation time.  Click the link for info about Memory Maker - 

BONUS TIP:  Use a Magical Disney Vacation Planner to help you plan and organize your trip.  Nothing beats having an expert help you maneuver through all the information to help you find the best options for you, your family.  And nothing beats having someone to explain the ins/outs of the parks, options and resorts…not to mention answers all your endless magical questions. And it’s priceless to get (behind the scenes) help when you’re at Disney.  “Visit Disney the Smart and Prepared Way”…with ME.

Guest Blogger Nina is a Disney Travel Agent (Authorized and Earmarked).  She books and plans ALL Disney Vacations (Walt Disney World, DisneyLAND and Disney Cruises) for FREE.  Her full “concierge” services are complimentary and come with every booking.  She vacations Disney every chance she gets and LOVES all things Disney.  Nina is a LOCAL mom of two kids (currently 3&6).  Both her kids have food allergies so she is also the expert at visiting Disney with Food Allergies.  Contact her today for a FREE Vacation or 734-890-2350 
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