Aug 21, 2015

Fitbit Surge Review

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger  Theresa Walker- Beach Body Coach

Sponsored Post: Metro Detroit Mommy was loaned the Fitbit Surge from Verizon in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Your experience may differ.

For the last several weeks I have had a chance to wear the Fitbit Surge, the "ultimate fitness watch".  Since fitness is important to me and I'm also a big fan of tracking devices; I was very excited to get the Fitbit Surge and check out everything that it can do!  Even after this short time frame, I have to admit, I am a bit addicted to counting my steps and "floors" each day, trying to hit a certain goal each day, or beat a previous goal!

Ok, so this watch can do a lot, but it is also very simple to use!  So even if you aren't familiar with Fitbit or any GPS watch, you should have no issues navigating this simple design.   Toggling through the functions is straight forward.  Here are the main functions of the watch:
  • Step Counter
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Calories Burned
  • GPS Tracker
  • Sleep monitor
  • Multi-Sport recorder function (biking, running, hiking, yoga, elliptical, and general workout)
  • Wireless Syncing
 The watch comes with a charging cable that plugs into your computer or device and a wireless sync dongle that also plugs in to a device.  Battery life if you are using it all day, along with once a day to track a 30-60 minute workout, will last you about 4-5 days.  Setting up and charging are easy, just plug into a device and go to and follow the instructions.  It only takes about 10 minutes.  Charging it fully I leave it on over-night.  

Once I had my watch set-up, it was time to test out its functions.  I learned that if you wear it as instructed on your non-dominant wrist, it is pretty accurate with steps taken.  I'd say as with any device, you have a small margin of error, but by checking it occasionally I could ensure it was working the majority of the time as it should be.  There were times I had to adjust the band as I was working out to get my heart rate to register, but that was usually if I was doing something active with my arms like planks or crunches.  I really liked that it has the option to calculate multi-sports, not just running.  The calories burned seemed pretty close to my Garmin monitor.  

The GPS tracker worked very well for me.  It had a faster rate of connecting than my Garmin watch which was nice to be able to start my run sooner.  However, if you are a runner, this watch is missing a few options that Garmin offers such as the ability to break down your pace by mile; Fitbit just gives you an average pace.  So at the end of your run it averages all of your miles/pace to give you one figure vs. breaking down by mile which is significant for most runners.  I also wish it would display while running once you finish each mile, the pace for that particular mile.  If you are not a runner though, this wouldn't be of much concern to you.

The sleep tracker is a neat feature!  Very cool to see the quality of sleep I am getting which can be very important to not only weight loss but health. It displays how long you sleep, how many times you were restless or awake at night.  You can also view your sleep stats by the week to compare.  This information is available through the app, not on the watch itself.   

One of the best features of this watch, is that you can see on your wrist in real time your stats.  You don't need to connect to see your steps, heart rate or calories etc.  Through-out the day the watch also syncs automatically to the app. Very easy and user friendly, worked perfectly each time.  The watch is a bit bulky, but it was comfortable to wear all day long. 

Overall I'd say this is a great watch if you are trying to get healthier and need/want something to track your daily steps and to motivate you to reach goals.  It certainly motivated me and reminded me each day to get in my steps.  It also can be eye-opening to see what your activity level is each day and calories burned, so you can set your own goals and work towards meeting them. 

You can view the specifics on Fitbit Surge here: Fitbit Surge:

Theresa Walker 
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