Jun 9, 2016

Palmer Park Splash Pad in Detroit

Originally published on 9/3/15

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Just minutes from I-75, 8 mile and Woodward is a gem of a park in Detroit, Palmer Park.  I had no clue how close this park is to our home, this is probably the closest splash pad to our house and I just visited it for the first time.  

Finding the splash pad was a bit difficult.  I wasn't sure where it was, an although I didn't make any wrong turns, I wasn't sure I was going the right way either.

So, Palmer Park is located south of 7 mile and west of Woodward.  It's a huge park with a lot of amenities.  You can find out more about the park on their website:  http://www.peopleforpalmerpark.org/
and more about the Splash pad here: http://www.peopleforpalmerpark.org/splash-park.html

So to get to the Splash Pad (if you are coming from Woodward) you should turn down Merrill Plaisance Street.  You will see a sign at the corner for Palmer Park.  Travel along the road until you pass the wooded area then you will see the parking lot, play structure and splash pad on the right.  Palmer Park is very large.

photo courtesy of Google Maps
We didn't really get a chance to play as the storm rolled in just as we arrived.  But the park looked like it would be fun.

The splash pad area offered several water features, two port-a-potties, a pavilion with picnic tables and a nearby play structure.

The splash pad is cemented, so I would recommend it for children that can walk and older.

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