Dec 22, 2015

Saving Money with SCOTT® at Dollar General

Who likes to save money?  Well I know I do.  I spent about a year being an avid couponer, buying newspapers, clipping coupons, doing the price matchups, going to the store, fussing at the checkout (yes I bought two boxes of cereal, look they are right here). the whole thing kind of turned me off from couponing.  I was working for that money, I was working HARD for those savings and with three kids at home I just couldn't find the time to keep this up.

So imagine my surprise  when I found out how easy it is to use the Dollar General Coupon app.  It's super easy.

Simply visit the website

And sign up.  Then scroll through the coupons and pick the ones you want.  You can even sign in on your mobile device and look at the coupons while you shop just to make sure you get the right product or see if their are coupons available for your favorite products.

Then when you check out, simply enter your phone number at the register and all of your coupons are credited to your bill.  So super easy!

I didn't shop at Dollar General very often, but with this new coupon app, I found a ton of great deals on laundry detergent, diapers, wipes, hair color, and of coarse SCOTT® tissue.  I saved $25 at the checkout with my coupons and got some great deals.

We chose to try out the bath tissue.

Normally in our house, toilet paper is used very quickly.  I was shocked to see these rolls almost three times as long as a regular roll (that means less work for mom changing the roll, less hunting for the next roll, less hassle).  

We found the tissue to be very soft, absorbent and didn't crumble up under pressure.  That is really important when you have toddlers who are super concerned with the toilet and their cleanliness.  

Seven pairs of underwear... just in case. 

Bonus Deals

For a limited time Dollar General is offering three special SCOTT® Bonus Packs in-store 
(through the end of February 2016)
Get Two Free Rolls in SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue, 16 pack
Get 15% more Sheets in SCOTT® Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels, Mega Roll 6 Pack
Get Two Free Rolls in SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue, Double Roll 16 pack

Get the Coupons Online

To redeem Digital Coupons:
1. Sign up at  or visit the DG App.
2. Create your account then load which SCOTT® coupons you would like to use and check out other great coupons on name brand products.
3. Visit your local Dollar General and redeem coupons at checkout by entering in your phone number.

Coupons Available:

Find these three great digital coupon offers which are valid until December 31, 2015

  • Save $1.00 off any (1) SCOTT® Paper Towels
  • Save $0.50 off any (1) SCOTT® Extra Soft Bath Tissue
  • Save $1.00 off any (1) SCOTT® 1000 Bath Tissue

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