Feb 12, 2016

Three Tips to Make Your Child's First Day at Daycare the Best it Can Be - Sponsored by Early Explorers Academy in Waterford

Three tips to make your child’s first day at daycare the best it can be
Courtesy of Early Explorers Academy in Waterford 

Early Explorers Academy, in Waterford, offers unparalleled individual instruction, a children’s science lab and space for interactive play, all at an affordable price point. They know what kind of environment children love to learn in and thrive in, but for children just starting school or daycare getting them excited to begin going can sometimes be a challenge.

Eman Saleh, Early Explorers Academy director, offers these three tips to make your child’s first day the very best it can be:
  1. Prepare your child: If possible, tour the center with your child, meet the teacher, go over routines and procedures in detail to help your child anticipate with his/her first day will look like.
  2. Send a "lovey" or special item: The first day of school is not easy for any child--they are entering a new and unfamiliar territory. One of the best ways to help your child feel comfortable and safe in the new environment is by sending something familiar with him/her. This can be a blanket, favorite toy, stuffed animal, or a photograph of the family!
  3. Make it feel like a Special Day!: This can be done in several ways-waking up extra early to prepare a special breakfast (smiley face pancakes anyone?), going to the store to purchase a "big girl" or "big boy" backpack, having your child wear a special outfit or shoes; anything you can think of to help celebrate the first day!

Situated at 2716 Dixie Highway, Early Explorers Academy is now enrolling children ages 6 weeks to 5 years in half or full day programs that range from 2-5 days per week.

“We’ve bridged the gap between play-based learning and direct instruction,” said Eman Saleh, founder of Early Explorers Academy. “Many centers do a very nice job focused on one or the other, and we have built a curriculum that focuses on both. Our explorers will exercise their culinary skills as they participate in baking and cooking activities, use various mediums of art to create masterpieces, play along with their friends in our dramatic play center, and use their senses to explore the various sensory objects in our sensory station. They’ll also learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lessons. We teach literature and embrace all cultures; all of it together makes for a robust learning experience.”

Children enrolled at Early Explorers Academy will enjoy:

  • Daily, individualized lesson plans with a teacher for all children ages 2 and older
  • Science lab to foster a love for the natural world, complete with lab coats and goggles, and an early look at the scientific method
  • Daily nutrition through snacks and meals
  • A supportive, caring atmosphere where value of self and peers is learned
  • Opportunities for character building designed to empower children

On Feb. 28, the community is invited to explore the curriculum, tour the facility, and meet the teachers. There will also be refreshments, face painting, a bounce house, raffle prizes and more, as well as crafts and science experiments in-line with the kinds of activities Early Explorers enjoy daily.

To learn more or to RSVP to the Open House, visit www.earlyexplorersacademy.org or call 248-618-0404.
About Early Explorers Academy
Early Explorers Academy (EEA) is an early learning center that aims to create a balanced learning environment for its explorers. The program continuously challenges explorers and promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is the vision of EEA for its explorers to graduate with the foundational skills to be empathetic and confident learners who are prepared for grade school and beyond. The inclusive environment embraces diversity and builds a strong partnership between the school and family. EEA is located at 2716 Dixie Highway, Waterford, Michigan and is open Monday –Friday from 6:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. Reach EEA by phone (248-618-0404), at www.earlyexplorersacademy.org or on Facebook.

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