Jun 17, 2016

Finding Dory in Theatres - Spoiler Alert #FindingDory

Watch out Nemo, it's Dory's turn!

Finding Dory picks up with Dory, Marlin and Nemo together.  Dory, even with her short term memory problems, has begun to remember things about her childhood and her parents.  She decides that the time has come to find them.

While the trip across the ocean is quite uneventful, due to catching a ride on some hippie sea turtles, the friends are faced with numerous obstacles upon arriving in California.  They soon realize that Dory is from a Marine Life exhibit at a Rehabilitation Center.   Their adventures there are hilarious and creative.  

There are fun, new characters too.  Hank the septapus (he's missing one arm), Bailey, a beluga whale and Destiny, a hammerhead add great physical humor for the kids and jokes for the adults.  

I found the movie funny and sad.  I cried at some parts and laughed at many others.   
My daughter, who's 5.5 wasn't sold on the movie.  She was terrified by one scene where an octopus tries to catch and eat Dory, Nemo and Marlin.   It's a dark, fast scene with scary music.  My daughter was heartbroken when the fish in the quarantine area tell Dory her parents are dead.  While it turns out not to be true, it was hard for her to move on.  

The movie does end on a happy note with Dory realizing that her friends are her family too. There's a touching scene at the end where Dory's parents tell her how amazing she is even though she gets distracted and does things differently from the other fish. 

I'd say one fin up from an adult point of view; my daughter however does not want to see it again.  

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Emily is a homeschooling mom who loves to go on adventures with her daughter!