Jun 4, 2016

The Perfect Way to Contain your Life - The Container Store Opens in Novi #containnovi

MDM Blogger Tara Michener - www.taramichener.com

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As a working mom it is really easy to look into my schedule, my closet or even my kid’s toy box and feel a sudden and anxious need for order or for a piece of chocolate or both. I got the pleasure of going to the Container Store this week and seeing exactly how my dream of being an organized, simplified and less hectic mom was right within my grasp. I could not believe that there was truly a box, basket or system for so many different scenarios. I walked down the perfectly organized aisles and saw a closet system that would be great for separating my work life from my athletic life and even a nice little haven for my yoga pants that I usually reserve for my time with my toddler.

Thank you Redesigning Happiness for the use of your photo.
The TCS Closets reminded me of a nice dressing room as opposed to a cramped and sloppy place to throw things. This system seemed like a place not only to get prepared for the day but to take a few breaths and relax while contemplating the outfit for the rest of the day. I also thought the Elfa closet system would be a great addition to my son’s life organizing all of his things in a reach-in closet format. I wondered if this meant I would get my house back. You see since becoming a mom I lost my home office. I have a brick and mortar location but I really need a space at home that allows me to feel organized and contained since I do so much work at home. I gave my office to my son and began using a corner in my bedroom a chair in the playroom and sometimes the couch in the living room as my home work place.

Thank you Redesigning Happiness for the use of your photo.
Which leads me to my second favorite place in the store….the office section. Can I say that manila folders might be the norm but they have nothing on the colorful, patterned and sparkly styles I saw at the container store. As a therapist I know that environment makes a big difference for us. If something is aesthetically pleasing it can brighten our day…I saw many small pieces that can brighten my day that were not very pricey a red stapler for instance could make me pretty happy of course the free standing office could make me swoon.

I found myself feeling like my home expanded by looking at the options that catered to small spaces and even making use out of the back of the door and ignored wall spaces that could serve as a haven for shelving my sons things and my husbands tools.

So…if you can take some time out and visit the new Container Store in Novi. It is the first one in Michigan and is 22,000 square feet. The grand opening will honor Forgotten Harvest with 10% of weekend sales and potential goodies for those who attend as well via give-a-ways! It opens on Saturday at 9 a.m. the first step is adding it to your planner…the second step will be easier because the store has consultants there ready and willing to help you organize your life.

Tara Michener (Tar-uh (not) tear-uh) www.taramichener.com is a licensed professional counselor, a mom of a toddler, a wife of a car-nut and a writer of children’s fiction…She enjoys Twizzlers and Diet Coke usually at the same time.  

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