Jul 7, 2016

Black Lives Matter: Reaction to the Murder of Philando Castile #blacklivesmatter

Unarmed =shot
Legally Armed = shot 
Combative = kicked beaten and strangled 
Compliant = mystery death alone in a cell
Evasive = shot in the back 
Brown = guilty 
Black = disposable 
It's being televised but whose revolution is it? 
Liv Wyre

Many of you know I am the mother of a bi-racial child. He will tell you with no hesitation, he's black. The world sees him as black, he sees himself as black, but what scares me is the police see him as black.

Although violence has always been there, prejudice can always be seen, people have always been able make excuses for senseless violence and death.  Oh he did that.. he was in the wrong place, he had a gun, he resisted arrest, whatever.  Plain and simple, you are not seeing videos of white men being killed point blank in situations where we have to explain it away.  Maybe this, maybe that... Maybe we need to change.  WE NEED TO CHANGE!
Dear America,
This sh*t is getting ridiculous now... Like the female cop said in my previous video if you are scared or you are prejudice than you need to take off that uniform... Prior to having a a son which of course is black this was just news.... Now it's a reality.... Before it was this wouldn't be "mines" because "mines" wouldn't be out late at night or "mines" wouldn't be out here gang banging.... But now a days only way your not a target is if you're walking in a three piece suit on wall street and even then you may still be targeted.... It is unfair that before our young boys/sons leave the house you have to lecture them.... "OK son don't forget to lace your sneakers / don't put your hood on your head /and definitely don't walk with your hands in your pocket oh and remember son no horse playing around with your friends in public because what may seem cool and fun to you may be a threat to the cops"... what might have been fads and fun to us in our generation has become life threatening in this one.... many people have their opinion and are entitled to their opinion trust me there's a whole lot of (they could of should of) etc when it comes to these situations and these black boys/men.....unless you are the relative and especially the parent of one of those so called threatening faces you will never truly understand that fear...
Ethan's mom
Latonya Jones

Our current climate scares me, for my son.  He's confident (aka cocky), strong willed (aka stubborn), a tall muscular Marine (aka intimidating) and bi-racial (aka black).  He's perfectly safe as long as he follows the law (aka he has a target on his back).  It's real, it is right there for you to see, racial prejudice is killing black men.  

The fight for equality is like an escalator.  There are people who are actively walking up the down escalator- fighting for equality. There are those who are running down the escalator - promoting racism and inequality.  And then there are those who stand idly by doing nothing, thinking all the time they are not promoting or fighting inequality.  But the escalator is carrying them down regardless.  They don't see how media and companies are promoting inequality, they don't see how there is a need for "Black Lives Matter", they don't see white privilege because they live a life where it doesn't affect them negatively.  As a white mother to a black son.. I am telling you IT IS REAL.  

To all those who are just standing on the escalator, please, I beg you, please start walking.  I can't change stupid (those people running down the escalator), but you who cares about people, you who is a mother, you who would give your life for your child, you can change.  Stand up and support everyone, regardless of whatever is holding others back, when you see injustice. That person is someone else's child and you know you would want the world to have your back too if there ever was a need.  

Dear friends of color:
I stand with you.I cannot begin to understand the daily fear of existing in your own skin. But I am aware of the fear that politicians, media, and those in power want me to have of people of color. I refuse to succumb to the social conditioning of racial divides. I will not allow this to happen to my children either. I will continue to keep my eyes and heart open and teach my kids to do the same. I will speak out when injustice strikes and will never stop fighting for you.
We are not each others enemies but those in power will continue to divide us by race and try to conquer us with fear. I refuse to be a part of the problem. I stand with you as part of the solution.
Betsy McKeeman

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:

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