Jul 31, 2016

CycleBar Troy Grand Opening, Schedule Your Free Ride!

Metro Detroit Mommy Blogger  Theresa Walker- Beach Body Coach

I was selected as a CycleBar brand ambassador and was given the opportunity to experience their new studio free of charge in exchange for writing this post.  Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this #CycleBarTroy review are my own and this post has not been monetarily compensated.  

Saturday July 23rd I had the opportunity to visit CycleBar in Troy for a 50 minute cycling workout session.   CycleBar is a indoor cycling boutique making it's Michigan debut this summer with two new studios opening in Troy and Northville.  It's part exercise, with a whole lot of fun music added in that turns it into more of a party; perfect workout to bring a friend along and sweat together.

CycleBar instructors are put through an intensive 4 day boot camp where they learn the art of cycling/spinning.  Each instructor's classes will be slightly different in intensity and style, but also have a similar formula to follow so that each person leaves having sweat off some calories while having fun.

Prior to each session, you will register online for your date/time and can select which bike you will ride.  If you are going with friends, this will easily allow you to sit near each other.  When you show up for your session, come dressed to sweat!  Cyclebar provides the cycling shoes and water.  There is a small locker room where you can store your purse, car keys etc.  There is also 2 bathrooms and one shower available if you need.  The space is narrow, but clean and welcoming.

Inside the cycling room, there are 50 Schwinn Carbon Blue Bikes that can be customized with the help of an assistant for your height.  They also can show you how to lock your cycle shoes to the pedals.  The bikes offer rider specific performance data with CycleStats which if chosen you can see up on the "leader board" during the ride, to see how you rank with other riders.  Even though the bike seats were tiny and not very padded, for me they were decently comfy.  My main aggravation though was the placement of the bikes, there was about 12 inches between each bike next to you and not much more in front of you.  Having a bike in the 3rd row, even though I am only 5 feet tall and 115lbs, I had to limbo to get to where I needed and in the process bruised my shin.  During certain moves we were asked to do- push ups while on the bike, curling with the weighted stick and cool down exercises, there was just not enough room and riders were bumping into each other.

The instructor was high energy and a lot of fun!  I liked that he looked like an average guy, which might be nice for beginner spinners in giving them confidence they can handle the ride.  The music selection had a nice mix of well known songs and some obscure fun stuff, everything had a great beat, which was key.  We started with a slow start up spin for a few minutes then moved into higher intensity spinning.  The instructor gives the class an RPM to stay at, like 45, but then gives you a range for resistance (3-5 for instance)  which allows each rider to customize intensity.  And if you feel you can do more or need to lower intensity, you can just do what feels good for you.  In a dimly lit room, you begin to focus on the cycling and leave worries behind.  After the warm up and the beginning songs that get you in the groove, it's up-hill work for a bit and alternating intensity.  Sometimes you're cycling slowly but at very high resistance and you are feeling those leg muscles tiring, other times resistance is very low and you are cycling super fast with your heart rate up high.  Our class was 50ish minutes, at the very end we disengaged our shoes from the pedals and got off of the bikes, and did a short couple minutes worth of stretching.

Once you get home, CycleBar will email you your stats for the workout session, a cool review of how you placed in the class, how many calories you burned etc. 

Overall the ride was fun and a good workout for a beginner.  If you are an avid spinner or someone in great shape, I'd recommend looking into some of the classes that are more challenging that they offer, as it varies by instructor.  After the grand opening and classes are established they will be adding more class options, things like a challenger competitor class and throw back Thursday rides.  I definitely recommend CycleBar for a newbie and people who are looking to get fit with a friend, a fit ladies night out!

 To kick off their grand opening, Cyclebar is offering free rides from now until August 7th.  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE RIDE

Troy CycleBar
311 East Big Beaver Road, Troy MI
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Go online to schedule a class: http://troy.cyclebar.com/

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