Aug 27, 2016

Coffee Milk Syrup Recipe

Coffee milk is, apparently, a Maryland drink that is well known, well loved, and has two store brands that people fight over. Being a Michigander and coffee lover I had to try this drink. So, I searched for this recipe, but since it was saved on an old laptop I can't find the original source. This is recreated from memory.  It's simple enough.

Double strength coffee (I normally use 1/4 a cup ground for 4 cups water. For double strength I use a half cup of grounds)

Equal parts brewed double strength coffee and white sugar (four cups coffee, four cups sugar. You can adjust this to your own liking but this is a dessert drink so I don't fiddle around)

Boil in pan for 5-15 minutes depending on the consistency of syrup your prefer

Allow syrup to cool and add your preferred amount to a cold glass of milk. Stir and enjoy! san martin

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  1. This sounds so good! I might try cooling and then freezing the syrup in an ice cube tray to blend it with milk/creamer in the morning.