Aug 23, 2016

NeoCell Beauty Review & Giveaway

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I was given these products to try. All opinions are my own.  This blog post contains affiliate links.

 NeoCell is a known trusted company for beauty products. Most of their products work from the inside out. Last year I reviewed NeoCell Biotin Bursts they were super tasty and worked great. This year, I'm checking out NeoCell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex and Beauty Infusion.

NeoCell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex is simply amazing. Collagen powders are the new must have. I've honestly been using collagen in my coffee every morning for at least five months, so I don't have a before and after to show you but I can tell you what it's done for my body. My eyelashes have become so long from the collagen they now wing out when I apply mascara to them. I'm not sure if I see a skin improvement, but the only way to tell is taking pictures before you start using it which I highly recommend. I will be forty-one years old in a few weeks, and I do think the collagen helps. I also have degenerative arthritis in my neck. I've read spectacular things about what collagen can do for your joints.  

NeoCell Beauty Infusion is a beauty powerhouse. This drink mix has 6,000 mg of collagen, 50 MG of hyaluronic acid, 3,000 MCG of Biotin and so much more. I'm a huge fan of drink mixes, but I couldn't get past the taste when just mixed with water. It had a weird aftertaste. I think this mix would taste better mixed in one of my protein shakes. What a fantastic combination combined with protein!

So, are you ready to look younger and battle the ageing process? Which NeoCell product would you like to try?

Enter to win Beauty Infusion and Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex! This gift pack is almost $60 in products going to one lucky winner. You must live in the USA and respond within 24 hours. Ends 9/22/16. My Imperfect Family & Metro Detroit Mommy is not responsible for fulfilment of these products.

Beauty Infusion and Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex

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