Aug 31, 2016

Yoplait Fruitful - Perfect Smoothie Add In

I used to LOVE yogurt.  When I was little, I used to eat the yogurt with the fruit on the bottom.  Chunks of whole fruit goodness mixed with yogurt.  I would shake the yogurt before I opened it and enjoy.

Well things have changed for me a little.  I still love yogurt and I eat two servings a day in my smoothies, and sometimes I enjoy another as my evening snack.  I had the pleasure of trying Yoplait Fruitful for free.

Yoplait Fruitful is blended with one third cup of real fruit in each container which makes it perfect for my morning or afternoon smoothie.  I made two different recipes with the yogurt I received:

With six awesome flavors to choose from the possibilities are endless.  They also contain less than ten simple ingredients, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, so they are safe to give to my girls, who also love yogurt.

At 150 calories, they are a good replacement for the dairy and fruit component in the smoothies I make.  The yogurt adds a great texture and taste.

My last yogurt was enjoyed by Rosa, Carlyn and I as an evening snack.  We all enjoyed every last bite and my youngest was very upset when it was gone.  

I love that Yoplait Fruitful are a great way to add fruit and dairy to your diet in a simple, healthy and convenient way.  

Be sure to grab a coupon for your next purchase of Yoplait Fruitful.   

Thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring today's discussion!!!

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer: