Sep 8, 2016

What Being a Mom Has Taught Me

I am not a morning person, but being woken up by an adorable little girl, with a huge smile, who pats my arm and says "hi mama!" makes it nearly impossible to be as grumpy as I'd like to be at 6am.

Make believe is magic. Watching my children create stories, events, and games makes me believe anything is possible.

Playdoh, when ingested, comes out the same color it went in.

Giving my kids two options will usually guarantee a choice I'm ok with. Letting their dad choose usually guarantees a choice I'm not thrilled with but can live with.

One day my kisses will no longer calm their tears and sooth their pain. Until that day comes, I'm grateful for the superpowers.

Patience is the expression of love.

Cooking and baking with your kids is a wonderful way to spend time, teach, and let them explore. It's also a great way to make a colossal mess.

Make sure to go outside every, single day. Twice is best, but at least once. Go for a walk, the library, a park, play in the yard, or just get the mail. But staying in the house with 3 small kids (or 2 or just 1) without getting outside is a recipe for insanity.

Crackers, cheese, fruit, and vegetables make a perfectly healthy and easy lunch.

A bumbo can be used as an infant bath seat and is great when you've got two or more kids in the tub; but for GOD'S SAKE don't put your baby in it and walk away for even a second.

A 3 year old makes a terrible babysitter.

If they're both having fun, and the game isn't blatantly a bad idea, let 'em play.

Quite often, you have to let them fall down, fall off, and hurt themselves in order for them to understand WHY it's a bad idea.

Children do what they see us do, especially when it's not something we want them to repeat.

A manicure is a waste of money if you're the one giving baths.

90% of baby related products are a waste of money-but, what is a waste of money to me is probably something you find invaluable.

Except nursing tops-they're stupid. (nursing tanktops, though, are wonderful. Especially the Bravado ones)

It is virtually impossible to do critical thinking when I'm home. When I'm home, I'm in mom-mode, which means I'm thinking and doing 100 things at a time.

When I manage to get around to actually folding the laundry I need to put it away immediately. Otherwise, it looks like a laundry bomb has gone off in the my front room.

Forts made out of sheets and pillows are awesome and I get mad cool-mom points for helping make them.

I don't know how moms with kids close in age manage without a sling.

Friends with kids close in age to mine are indispensable-no one else quite empathizes the same unless they're going through it at the same time too.

The "Mommy Wars" are just another creation to distract us from the real problems. It's not about SAHM vs WOHM, it's about creating balance for everyone. Even if you don't have children, you have other family and friends.

"Hoparoo" is the single greatest word created. (it's Max-ese for kangaroo)

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