Oct 24, 2016

Balance Bikes - The Revolution in Learning to Ride a Bike

Rosa is seven.  (Wow time flies.. right?) And she has been riding a bike with training wheels since the start.And while she gets how to pedal and steer, this traditional method of riding a bike has not served her well by any means, because she doesn't know how to balance.  And isn't that's what it is all about?

We moved Rosa from a 16 inch bike with training wheels to a 20 inch bike with no training wheels... and the problem for her (as it is for many that learn this way) is balance.

So, when I saw my friend posted a video of her four year old riding on their balance bike, I knew this was something I wanted to try out.  Balance bikes eliminate the pedals so children can learn how to steer and balance.  The bikes are powered by pushing off with your feet rather than pedals, which is genius, as pedaling is probably the easiest skill to learn when riding a bike.

Our good friends at Modern Natural Baby gave us a bike to try out, so we could share our experience with you. If you would like to purchase the Strider Bike, I highly recommend supporting this wonderful local business.

The bike came a few pieces and was so easy to assemble, taking just a few minutes.

The bike is a bit small for Rosa, so Carlyn will be testing it out for us. So far, it is slow going with Carlyn and the bike.  She will ride it a little bit, but gets easily frustrated because she already knows how to used her bike with training wheels and that goes much faster.  The bike is a bit too big for Naomi yet, but we are providing positive encouragement and hope to provide you with updates on her their bike riding progress.

At the end of the video she purposefully throws herself in the grass.... Gotta love kids.

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Here is a great FAQ sheet from Strider if you are interested in learning more.

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