Oct 16, 2016

"Protection By Prevention" IntelliDent Toothbrush and Mouth Guard Shield

Protection By Prevention

Your toothbrush is a lightning rod for germs, so using a toothbrush shield just makes sense! Myth Busters performed a study about flushing the toilet and having tiny tainted aerosol particles being sprayed in the air. The study was to see if toothbrushes when left near a toilet,  would have fecal matter on them from the toilet being flushed. After placing 24 toothbrushes in the bathroom and then placing two in another room for an entire month, all toothbrushes were sent away for lab testing. Their findings raised a brow... all toothbrushes had fecal matter on them including the ones left in another room.  While this busted the bathroom only myth, it proved that fecal matter is everywhere!

 It wasn't until recently that I started to question the way we store toothbrushes in our home. We have a drawer strictly dedicated to oral hygiene.  You could find toothpaste, floss, and of course our uncovered toothbrushes.  This system is fine when we are all healthy but what about when one of us has the flu or a cold?  I am certain if our toothbrushes decide to collide, I am doomed.

Last year the stomach flu wiped out my entire family.  As I was researching ways to stop the spread of the flu, one of the biggest suggestions was to keep personal toothbrushes separate from others and replace them after you have had the flu bug. This was the beginning of my journey to find a new system for our toothbrushes. I was pleased when I was able to review IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields. This was the answer I was searching for.

The other day I was helping my daughter brush her teeth and the drawer to our family toothbrushes was open and suddenly she sneezed all over. Gross!  But this time I was prepared because I was lucky enough to have IntelliDent toothbrush shields on all our toothbrushes. That was the moment I knew I was reviewing a product that we were missing.

Disposable, each shield is effective up to 7 days.
These breathable, quick drying, simple toothbrush shields easily slip over the bristles of the toothbrush and act like a surgical mask.  Laboratory testing has proven these to be 99.9% effective against surface and airborne bacteria. This is great for storing in our dental hygiene drawer and I don't have to worry about our toothbrushes colliding. This was the solution I was looking for!
Toothbrush Shield is proven to be 99% effective against airborne and surface bacteria.

Do you travel?  These are awesome for traveling. Especially when traveling by plane.  I always worry about my luggage being searched and the toothbrush shield allows me to protect my toothbrush from the potential airborne bacteria and I can ditch those plastic holders that trap and breed bacteria.  These are smart for travel!

Ideal For Home, Travel, Work and Everywhere In Between!
What's even better?  They have mouth guard shields also. You can protect removable braces, whitening trays, and sports mouth guards.  No more storing in your nightstand uncovered!

Great for Removable Braces, Mouth Guards, and Whitening Trays

You can purchase online at Drugstore.com, Walmart.com and Rite Aid stores. Or purchase in bulk at QVC. To learn more about this product go to Toothbrush Shield.

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