Oct 8, 2016

Starting Line Health and Fitness LYFT program

Full disclosure: I had trouble sleeping the night before I went to the courtesy LYFT class at Starting Line Health & Fitness in Rochester Hills.They paid for my class so I could share my experience with you.

I am overweight and currently fighting hard to get back into some semblance of shape. Really, I just want to be able to put on my snow boots this winter and not feel like I am going to die. (Bending over to tie those bad boys is rough, amirite?)
I used to be a healthy person but, like a lot of moms, I spent a lot of years putting myself last. I neglected my health and it was starting to really wear on me. I turned 40 this year and recent blood work showed I was inching toward being not only overweight but unhealthy.

So when this opportunity came up, I decided it was now or never! I have been doing workout videos at home, walking and taking a weekly yoga class in addition to eating clean and I was starting to see results. I feel stronger, but I know I need to push myself!

But the thought of walking into a gym environment with a bunch of super buff fitness people made me feel sick to my stomach. I did NOT want to be the fat girl in the back, struggling to keep up.

Well, I can tell you that was definitely NOT the case! Meghan and Chip at Starting Line are amazing and my first workout was a success! I never felt judged or lacking – they helped me work at my own pace and complete the workout in a safe and effective manner. We focused on form and Meghan was the perfect cheerleader/drill sergeant. I’m no delicate flower so I can take some drill sergeant behavior but she was kind, funny and super helpful. She’s also a mom so she understands the need for us ladies to stay in shape to chase kiddos, feel good and stay healthy.

I definitely felt very at ease with her and with Chip. The best thing about the LYFT class is you do everything at your own pace. It’s a circuit work out done boot camp style, starting with a warm up and then you move from station to station, completing each one.  LYFT stands for Lifestyle Management, You, Fitness and Training. Basically, whatever your health and fitness goals are, the trainers want to help you achieve it!

The workouts start with a warmup and combine cardio with strength training. Chip told me I would use 29 muscles and I’m certain I did! There’s rowing, kettlebells, TRX work, weights and stationary bike – to name a few. You won’t be bored.

As a rookie, it is easy to get the hang of it and someone will definitely help you to make sure you are not only pushing yourself but doing things the right way. There are modifications to everything.
This isn’t the type of place where a rookie will feel out of place. Everyone was so kind and welcoming! But I think even serious exercisers can be really challenged here; the trainers are truly experts and I’m sure they help even a seasoned fitness buff take it to the next level.

I was really struck by how friendly everyone was too. And I didn’t feel judged or watched or anything – one of my biggest fears. You are in your own zone, doing things at your own pace. To be honest, I rarely even realized someone was around me, that is how focused I was!

I’m sure I won’t be able to lift my arms tomorrow but I can’t wait for my next workout! I will be blogging about my three-month experience doing LYFT at Starting Line Health and Fitness for Metro Detroit Mommy, so be sure to check in on me and keep me accountable!

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


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