Oct 14, 2016

Ten Benefits of Year Round Swimming Lessons

With Six Metro Detroit Locations to serve you in Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills.

A majority of swimming programs in the Metro Detroit area offer classes with set start and end dates. Aqua Tots Swim Schools of Michigan is different in that they offer year round swimming classes where students move up through the levels at a pace that is perfect for their needs and ability.

Here are ten great reasons why year round swimming is better:

1.  Students learn at their own pace.  At Aqua Tots, students move through the levels when they are ready, so they aren't stuck in a level until the session ends, they can move up at any time throughout the year.  This allows students to maximize their time in the lessons working on and mastering skills.  
2.  Year round swimming lessons provides students with the opportunity to practice their skills each week so they retain their abilities and can build new skills.  Compared to traditional seasonal swimming lessons where students regress and spend time refreshing their skills before they can move on, year round lessons make the most of the student's time in class.

3. Year round swimming lessons provide a constant reminder of safe swimming rules including safe entry and exit, recovery and the five essential water safety skills.

4. Swimming in the winter actually boosts children’s immune systems.  This is achieved by consistent full body exercise and frequent breathe control.

5. Year round swimming provides children with consistency and improves self-esteem and confidence.

6. Swimming every week provides children with the opportunity to improve their motor development and coordination.

7. Participating in weekly swimming classes accelerates cognitive development in students according to a scientific study done by the German Sports College in Cologne.  The same study also found that swimming at an early age provident the students with the opportunity to learn to be more independent, improved their reflexes and concentration, developed self confidence and strengthened their ability to cope with new situations.

8. For children participating in parent and tot swim classes, the weekly lessons promotes the bond you share with your little one.

9. Finally, what happens if you miss a week in a seasonal program.  Quite likely, your lesson is lost.  But at Aqua Tots Swim Schools of Michigan they offer a generous make-up policy for missed classes, which means you get get your full value of your swimming tuition.  

10.  Swimming is FUN!!!  Participating in a weekly activity, especially in the winter allows for parents and children to break up the week with a fun activity and get out of the house.

More About Aqua-Tots

Teaching kids to swim has been the foundation of Aqua-Tots since they began. And today they still take special care to make sure their swim schools are a welcoming, comfortable and inviting place for kids of all ages at our Detroit area locations including Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan offers swim classes for babies, toddlers, infants, kids, swim team, adults, and children with special needs at over 70 locations worldwide. With never more than 4 students per swim class, this intimate setting provides a great environment for children learning to swim. Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY in water evaluation and tour today.
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