Nov 11, 2016

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - New Poster is Here & Trailer

Anyone else excited about the new Beauty and the Beast movie coming out in March?  It is my hubby's favorite Disney movie.  I am looking forward to seeing our favorite characters come to life.  

It wasn't really until after my husband and I were married a few years that I really appreciated Beauty and the Beast.  I knew the story, but I'm not sure I even saw it until my hubby and I sat down to watch it.  There is so much to love, the story, the music, the artwork and attention to detail.  

Although "Gaston" is my favorite song in the movie, I really am looking forward to seeing how they reimagine "Be Our Guest" in the live action version, simply because Ewan McGregor will be Lumiere.. and well, Ewan has a voice like butter. (go check out "Come What May" on YouTube then tell me you aren't looking forward to this..)  

Just in case you missed it before here is the official Trailer for Beauty and the Beast:

And the new poster I promised: 

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