Nov 11, 2016

Coloring Books for the Geeky Literary Mind

Coloring books have become all the rage and I for one am really excited for this trend.

I've seen a ton of Batman, Angry Birds, Paw Patrol, and other cartoon coloring books; and while I love coloring just as much as the next person, as a mom, these characters (as objects to color) can get old fast. Thankfully there are some fabulous people who are churning out adult coloring books and they're not as x-rated as they sound. *grin*

If you're of the mind that coloring isn't for you, and is simply something to keep the littles occupied, you should totally think again.

Art is often used as a therapeutic exercise to help people deal with mental or emotional issues. While we don't always have the time, or the means, to paint or craft our latest obsession, coloring does give us a creative outlet. The simplicity of coloring allows us to turn off our brains and simply focus on the moment. It can be done for a minute or an hour, giving us a break away from the stress and anxiety that our daily lives can cause.

If you're still on the fence about the benefits of taking a few moments to simple color, you should check out these 10 Therapeutic Benefits of Coloring Books For Adults.

While coloring can help bring a little calm to your chaotic day, finding the right coloring book can be difficult. I'm sure we've all seen the many Magical Jungle and Curious Creatures style coloring books, but for those of us with geeky or literary natures, they may not catch our interest. At least, not like some of these fantastic coloring books that have come out this fall!


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