Nov 7, 2016

One Month Update: Starting Line Health and Fitness LYFT class

It’s been a month since I started working out at StartingLine Health and Fitness in Rochester Hills. They are giving me three months of LYFT workouts in exchange for me sharing my experience with Metro Detroit Mommy!

I wish I could tell you how many pounds I have lost but…I stopped weighing myself. It was frustrating and distracting me from my ultimate goal of getting stronger and fit.
I know I am stronger, leaner and healthier than I was a month ago, though!

You know why? Because it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

I didn’t believe that was true, because I didn’t want to believe it was true. Regardless of the fact that I alone squandered my health and fitness by making years of bad food choices and laziness, I wanted a quick fix to lose the weight and feel better.

The reality is there is no quick fix. You are never done. You work and work and work and then – work some more. Every day, we are bombarded both by skinny models and celebrities and unhealthy food ads and pictures.

It’s a vicious paradox. Look like a supermodel – eat like a lumberjack. It’s no wonder many people – many women – don’t know where to start or how to live a healthy lifestyle. But what finally clicked in my head is this: I can change. I can change my life today. I don’t have to stay fat and unhealthy – I CAN CHANGE.

The battle of Me vs. Me has begun and let me tell you: Sometimes I can be a real bitch. I can also be awesome so I’m trying to focus on that! It’s a fine line between knowing when to push myself and when to know my limits and when to listen to the little voice in my head and when to tell her to shut up. But, I’m learning. It all feels new and scary but I’m learning.

For example, prior to going to Starting Line Health and Fitness, I didn’t think it was possible for me to build core muscles -- but I can hold a plank for 30 seconds now. I can do Burpees (I didn’t say I liked them – but I can do them). I can run three miles.

I accomplished this in a month.

But what I also accomplished – and what is really more important – was convincing that part of me that sabotaged previous efforts that I could do it. That I was capable of working out hard and pushing through the self-doubt. I was capable of reversing that damage and blowing up those years of bad habits.

I still see a lot of challenges though, and pitfalls. I can’t just go to a restaurant meal with family and friends. Having a few beers? Uh, I don’t want to drink my calories. And don’t even get me started on the trick or treat candy. Talk about temptation.

But I’ve found that when I put in the work, and track my food, I can’t lie to myself. When my muscles ache from a workout, it’s getting easier for me to just say no to bad food choices. I mostly don’t crave the bad stuff but I’m still working on the social aspect of this. How do I spend time with family and friends who either don’t have to be so rigid about food choices or don’t care about what they eat? It’s a balance and I am definitely still learning.
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