Nov 14, 2016

Seven Life Lessons from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - New Trailer and Images are Here!!! #BeOurGuest #BeautyAndTheBeast

Disney just released their brand new TRAILER and images for their upcoming live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! The film, which brings the story and characters audiences know and love to life in a stunning, cinematic event, is directed by Bill Condon and features an extraordinary ensemble cast which includes Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Audra McDonald, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson.

These images are just amazing.  I am looking forward to enjoying this movie with my girls.  There are so many great lessons to be learned and emphasized. With all the political turmoil that is going on right now, I wanted to share how Beauty and the Beast can be expanded to talk to your children about seven great life lessons.  

The Moral of the Story:

1. There is outer beauty and inner beauty.  Belle has both. Gaston is beautiful on the outside, but he's not someone who would appreciate Belle for anything more than her looks, which is exactly where the Beast started in the movie.  The Beast evolves through the film from an angry beast to a charming prince.  

2.  Love is stronger than hate.  Love is what placed Belle in the Beasts castle. The hope of love is what keeps the other characters motivated, and love, in the end saves the day.

3.  Look beyond what you can see.  The Beasts' outward appearances scare many in the town and they all band together to kill him, even though he is gentle and loves Belle.  This great moral can be translated to the equality of ALL people.  Just because someone looks different, doesn't mean they are "bad".

4. Be your own person.  Belle is thought of to be a quirky girl, with her head stuck in a book, but she's amazing and so is her father.  Don't be afraid to do your own thing, especially if you are good at it.

5. Sometimes it is okay to break the rules.   The beast had declared that no one was to be in his home, but Lumierre welcomes the guests and set the story in motion for a happy ending.  Knowing that rules have meaning, understanding why they are there and knowing when it is okay to break them are all great life lessons.

6. Be a lifelong reader.  Belle's appetite for books can be inspiring for children and families.  Be sure to set aside daily reading time in your home and set the example.

7.  We all deserve to be forgiven.  We all make mistakes, and that is okay.  When we learn from those mistakes, it makes us a better person. So, it is okay to not only forgive others, but forgive yourself.  

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST opens in theatres everywhere on March 17th, 2017! 

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