Nov 16, 2016

The Election is Over... Now What!

Many parents feel as though in seven days their world has changed drastically. Maybe you are a parent that has taught your child not to see color? Maybe you feel as though there is no such thing as racism. It is possible that you feel quite the opposite of both of these aforementioned stances. It is possible that you have given your children a talk about how because of their skin color or religious beliefs that they will be judged more harshly. What you have told your children matters. What you tell your children now may matter more than ever.

Last Tuesday I noticed my Facebook feed overwhelmingly talk about issues that are sometimes considered off limits. People were talking about race, religion, sexual orientation. People were stating their beliefs, their concerns and their fears. One thing we have in common. We care about our kids. In holding to this basic common need-how do we teach them? In what ways do we keep them safe? What will we do to make them feel confident? What will we do to protect them? How do we keep them from worrying when we have worries beyond measure? We talk.

Metro Detroit Mommy has empowered me as a therapist, mediator and author to use this forum to do just that. I typically create curriculum, classes and content that supports safe spaces and anti-bullying. These articles will continue that consistency. I want you to know that I am here to share but I am also here to listen. We are watching our children grow daily. Some are fresh out of diapers and some are fresh out of lip gloss but they all mean so much to us. We want their world to be positive. We want their world to be safe. We want them to be empowered. They are growing...

I want to open up dialogue that helps us to grow as parents. We may not always agree but I hope that we can agree that our children deserve for us as parents to navigate ways to talk about subjects that we have hidden under the covers, kept in the recesses of our minds and erased because they may feel uncomfortable. The job of a parent has never been easy...I promise this won't make it easier but we also know that sometimes the things that are not easy to do make us better.

Let's start with a simple exercise. You don't have to share your outcome. Take a sheet of paper. Write down three things that have changed in your life since last Tuesday. Do your best to explore what has made these changes occur. What triggers ignited this shift.

Now for step two. What three things would you like to see as a part of your reality for next week? If we can ask ourselves hard questions, explore our own hearts and pull out thoughts and emotions that we don't usually get to address we are prepping ourselves to have hard conversations with others if the opportunity presents itself. I am a strong proponent of starting with ourselves. We can't call someone else to do the work that we avoid. You are not alone in this journey reader. We are in it together...and if that is something that we can commit to we are stepping in the right direction.    

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