Nov 12, 2016

The Power of For Local Schools

For many of us, the new school year is in full swing, but many teachers are still hard at work getting their rooms ready for their students. While enjoyed the last summer days with our kids, teachers were looking at their rooms and trying to find better ways to improve productivity with their students.

With school budgets getting cut and teachers needing to spend more of their own money, there's one organization that has been working on helping teachers get the items they need. Donor's Choose is an organization where teachers can submit projects (or campaigns) that they would like to have funded for their classrooms, but may cost more than their budgets allow.

At my son's school, teachers have used this platform to obtain balance balls to be used in place of chairs, iPads & tablets, visual timers, document camerasbooks, books, and even more books. The best part...every single one of their campaigns have been fully funded. Not only have their students benefited from these campaigns, but the teachers didn't have to dip into their own pockets.

We're always hearing how schools need to improve their learning environments, but it all comes down to money. Parents, law makers, and the soap box speaker on the corner can all complain about the lack of tools available to their students, but many won't put their wallet where their mouth is. Anyone can donate to these programs and it doesn't have to be much either. Many foundations - including, Target, Impact Tulsa, and Dick's Sporting Goods to name a few - will match every donation made.

Many may not even realize their schools have projects to begin with, so to help with that, here's a quick peek at a few of the local Metro Detroit schools that have ongoing Donor's Choose projects right now.
If you've been looking for a way to help your school district out, but are unsure what they need, check to see if they have a project going at Donor's Choose.  If you're unsure if your school has an ongoing campaign, simply search for your school district and all of their projects will pop up. Even if your child's teacher doesn't have a project, take a look at all of your districts campaigns. Who knows...your child may have that teacher now, but they may some day and having their projects funded now will definitely benefit your child in the future.

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