Dec 8, 2016

Best Places To Visit In Michigan With Kids

Exploring the state of Michigan with your family is one of the best parts of living here.  The best places to visit in Michigan are perfect for exploring with your children.  From exploring the great lakes to enjoying local activities, there are tons of amazing experiences in Michigan.

Best Places To Visit In Michigan With Kids

Muskegon:  Not only is Muskegon a beautiful place to visit for gorgeous time on the beach or on Lake Michigan, but it is home of the amazing Michigan Adventure Amusement Park and Water Park.  It is an ideal place to burn off some energy in the summer months, but also to visit and explore during the winter.  

Taking a road trip across the state to Muskegon gives you a chance to things a bit slower with your family.  There are beautiful beaches and parks all along Lake Michigan that are ideal for a family picnic, and even some great light houses to view as you visit. 

Frankenmuth: Perhaps one of the most well-known and best places to visit in Michigan with kids, Frankenmuth offers a ton of fun options for everyone to enjoy.  You can take a step back in time to the Bavarian village while enjoying classic dishes, modern fare, and of course all of the delicious homemade candies.  

Visiting Bronner's Christmas store is an amazing adventure that can occupy hours for kids.  Ornaments, decorations, and everything you can imagine will pull you in and bring out the love of the season no matter what time of year.  Bavarian Inn Lodge Family Center is another fun stop that kids will love, and will give parents a nice break from entertaining on vacation. 

Zendher's Splash Village is a great place to stay any time of year for a fun indoor water park experience.  The largest indoor water park in Michigan makes this a great place for a family getaway.  
Battle Creek:  This small city is the home to Kellogg's, but it is also a great little stop along the way that includes a beautiful lake view, gorgeous downtown, tons of parks and play areas for kids to enjoy.  You can take tours of the original Kellogg's Sanitarium, or head over to experience the wildlife exhibits at the Binder Park Zoo. 

Mackinac Island:  This famous island is a favorite destination for romance, but also a great place to spend time with your kids.  If your family enjoys outdoor activities, this is the ideal place to vacation.  With biking, trails for hiking, water activities, and more available during the warmer months, it is a perfect place to burn off some energy and have fun as a family.  

During the cooler months, visits to places like the Original Mackinac Island Butterfly House, or the Manoogian Art Museum are ideal.  This is an educational location for families to visit, but also one full of outdoor beautiful adventures. 

Detroit:  This list isn't complete without our beloved Detroit.  From amazing concerts and events at local venues, to parks, museums, music, and even the local play centers it is a must for every family to visit.  

The best places to visit in Michigan with kids are really places that bring both education and play together.  From the classic museums and activities for kids to the 

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