Dec 17, 2016

Dick & Jane Educational Snacks

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Our family loves cookies and all things snacks.  When I came across Dick & Jane Educational Snacks I was so excited to learn that this is a Michigan based company, based in Troy.

The cookies come in three different varieties, Presidents, English & Spanish, and States & Capitals. The cookies have a vanilla animal cracker flavor that tastes great.

The State & Capital cookies include the state name at the top, an image of the state with the state abbreviation, a star that indicates the location of the capital city and the name of the capital along the bottom.  That is a lot of info on one little cookie.

The English & Spanish cookies include the English word on the top, an image and the Spanish word on the bottom.

Finally the President cookies include the President's name, an image and their ordinal number that represents the order of presidents at the bottom.

Overall, we loved these cookies.  They make for great snacks and create a spring board for conversations with my children.  As a homeshooling family, they easily spark conversations that include history, math, geography, current events and so much more.

While enjoying the State and Capital cookies, we have talked about one of the states in depth.  What we know about it, what other cities do we know, what are some neighboring states, where is it on a map?  What is the climate like?  What is the terrain like?  What significant historical events have taken place there?  Who has grown up there that we may know or should know?  So many questions, so much learning.  I love these cookies. Facebook - TwitterInstagram - Linkedin

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