Jan 20, 2017

Age Beautifully with these Tips for Fighting Wrinkles

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Beautiful skin starts with making the decision to care for your skin.   The challenge many of us face is finding the perfect skin care regime for our skin.  I've been feeling the effects of aging on my skin and one of my personal goals for 2017 is to fight wrinkles and slow down the aging process!   After having the opportunity to try Elan Rose day cream and anti aging night cream, I am excited to share my results.  While this is a sponsored post, all opinions and content are my own.

There are a few things I always look for when I purchase skin care products.  I want a product that is free of parabens, silcones, fragrances, and of course dermatologist tested. Elan Rose is just that!   Not only is it free of those chemicals and preservatives, it also contains a Vitamin B3 serum which helps repair DNA and helps energize the skin. Elan Rose is also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers!

During the day our skin is exposed to environmental factors such as sunlight and stress. It is so important that we protect our skin during these winters months with a SPF 30. Elan Rose Hello Sunshine Day Cream moisturizes the skin and helps protect against UVB and UVBA damage. To fight wrinkles it also helps to use an anti aging moisturizer.

At night our skin has a chance to repair itself as it is free from sunlight and stress. For beautiful skin it is important to wash your face before bed.  Moisturizing your face is also a must do for beautiful skin.   Elan Rose has an amazing night cream that contains a vitamin b3 serum.  You can see how it has hydrated my skin and brightened my face in just 3 days!

It takes effort to have beautiful skin.  It needs to be hydrated and cleansed daily.  One of the biggest factors in having gorgeous skin is rest.  Make sure you are getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night. It will help dramatically.  To enhance the beauty of your skin try Elan Rose products.

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