Jan 19, 2017

Green Tree Kids Clothing

Rosaleigh and Carlyn received complimentary outfits courtesy of Green Tree Kids in exchange for this promotional post.

Dressing three girls can be a bit of a challenge.  The girls have different tastes in clothing, Carlyn tends to only want to wear skirts, Rosa likes to be comfortable and I love to pick outfits for them that coordinate, but don't exactly match.

When I visited Green Tree Kids, this uber cute Girls Jean Jumper was an instant favorite.  Although, I was a bit disappointed that the overall buckles came in a little bag and I had to thread the four pieces onto each of the straps.

The jumpers are super cute, but the straps were constantly falling off and they were quick to annoy Carlyn who promptly took the jumper off as soon as we got in the car.

We also found super cute tights and leggings that come in two packs.  Girls 2PK Pink Tights – Size 4-6 for Carlyn and Girls Leggings -2PK – Size 10-12 for Rosa.

The sizing is a little tricky.  You will want to order based on chest, waist or hips depending on what item you are ordering.  I somehow managed to order the wrong size shirts for the girls, but Naomi will fit them soon, so I wasn't worried about it.

Overall though the prices were fantastic and the styles available were really cute.  I would order through them again, even though I had issues, since they were my own mistakes.

You can find Green Tree Kids: 

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They have partnered up with Payzely Charge. In the month of January they are giving everyone who opens an account with a $20 deposit an instant $60 credit limit.  No credit checks, you just need a valid bank account.

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