Jan 24, 2017

Mex Restaurant at Great Lakes Crossing

Last week we had the honor of being guests at Mex Restaurant at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills.  Our family received a complimentary dinner in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are my own.  Your experience may differ.

Mex Restaurant at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills is located between Legoland and the Movie Theaters, located in District Six and easily accessible from Entrance Six.

The first thing you will notice is the whimsical and fun decor.  The bright and colorful style is based on "Alice and Wonderland" but still maintains the Mexican feel.  There are few fun booths to sit in, making guests feel like they are seated at the VIP table.

I love the bright, bold and fun patterns of the fabric used for the seat backs here. 

But to be honest, while the atmosphere is great, what you really want to know about is the food and drinks.  I ordered a margarita to start.  Now, I spent five years working in a national Mexican food chain, you probably know the one, known for their Chajitas.  I have tasted many Margaritas over the years, but this one by far was the best one I have had to date.  The ice was blended perfectly, like a slush, and the tequila was amazing.  I would seriously go back just for another drink.

To get us started we ordered Chips and Salsa.  We tried the mild and green salsas.  Chancellor preferred the green salsa while I preferred the mild.  The chips were freshly made and delicious.

Chancellor ordered the carne asada which included steak, poblano rajas, salsa verde, cilantro lime rice and refried beans.

I ordered the chicken burrito, made with rice, refried beans, garlic aioli, crema, pico and lettuce.

Carlyn ordered the peanut butter and jelly quesadilla, while Rosa had the taquitos.

The cilantro-lime rice was an instant favorite at the table.  We noticed that the adult meals were bursting with flavor, while the taquitos (from the kids menu) were much milder. We will definitely be back to try some of their other menu items, as the spices are slightly different from the traditional Americanized Mexican food that we are used to.

Mondays are super special as Kids under age 8 eat free off the kids menu.  

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