May 22, 2017

Autism and Sexuality - FREE Parent Workshop at Play-Place for Autistic Children

Autism and Sexuality   

Presented by:
Dr. Chaturi Edrisinha, Associate Professor
Oakland University

Dr. Edrisinha gave this very popular presentation at Oakland University, and is now bringing it to Play-Place! Here is the description of her event at Oakland:

The human body experiences biological, social and emotional changes regardless of disability or ability. Sexual awareness is normal. Sexual feelings are normal. Talking about sex, teaching about sex, and making informed decisions about sex are difficult topics for parents and educators.

Please join us as we discuss:
*Developmental differences between an individual with ASD & neurotypical peers
*Learn the difference between Sexuality and Sex
*Strategies to address inappropriate sexual behaviors
*Understanding Informed Consent
*Educating your child about consent as s/he matures
*Legal ramifications and dangers of the internet
*Preparing for an annual health exam

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Please RSVP by clicking here or by calling 586-254-6533.

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