Jul 10, 2017

AMEVIE Sunglasses - Summer Shades and Charity

Amevie is a Canadian based company that makes stylish sunglasses. What I love about the company is their mission to make a positive impact on the world around them. They are able to complete that mission by providing high quaily products to their customers, using sustainable methods in their production and management and through their charitable endeavors. For each pair of sunglasses that you purchase from Amevie, they will give a pair of eyeglasses to a child in need through their charitable partner, Seva Canada.


Amevie uses Bamboo to make the frames for their sunglasses.  Bamboo is a sustainable and renewable resource making the glasses more environmentally friendly than a typical pair made from all plastic.  In addition to using  Bamboo, Amevie offers repair services for their sunglasses, reducing waste and they use recycled materials as much as possible.

Making a Difference

Access to proper eye care services would help most of the world's 39 million people suffering from blindness to see again.  Amevie and Seva work together towards a goal to provide eye care services to those in need so that no one is needlessly blind or visually impaired simply because of the lack of access to eye care.

Connect with AMEVIE

Each pair of sunglasses is packaged with a foldable case, pouch and cleaning cloth.  You can purchase a pair of Bamboo sunglasses on their website Amevie

Metro Detroit Mommy Writer:


  1. The repair services for their sunglasses would be really convenient! I waste so much money replacing sunglasses that have been damaged.

  2. What an awesome company!! Watching out for the environment AND helping those in need!!

  3. This is awesome! Love that they give to a child in need. Bamboo is awesome and I am glad to see them using it.

  4. This a great business concept, I love it!

  5. Lovely company - I appreciate that they donate to children.