Jul 10, 2017

Elliott Tower Fountain At Oakland University

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The awesome fountain is next to the Elliott Tower on the Oakland University campus in Rochester, Mi. The exact address of the tower is 578 Pioneer Drive, but if you are on campus, you will see the tower.  You can't miss it. The fountain operates 8a - 7p, seven days a week.

We stopped by last Friday to enjoy the fountains and the carillon concert.  Uh, what's a carillon? A carillon is a set of bells in a tower, played using a keyboard. Yes, it was as cool as it sounds.  Yes, we are going back.  YES, you should come too. 

The concerts will run Friday evenings through July 28th, 2017 starting at 6 pm and feature musicians from across the globe.

Watch our video from Facebook Live.  Don't mind me when I say the carillon concert was a computer.. it is a live concert.

There is plenty of shaded seating, so you could grab food to go, or pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the summer evening with live music and the kids can have fun in the fountain.

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