Jul 23, 2017

Jimmy John's Field Baseball

Summer is for baseball....but what if you don't know if baseball will be a home run for your family? Nine innings too long? Worried your little ones will get restless? The cost of tickets make it a challenge to to attend a game?

A great solution to this is a family visit to e John's Field in Utica. It has 4 professional teams that are part of the USPBL (United Shore Professional Baseball League) and they work hard to create a family atmosphere at the ballpark!

Our family had never been to a baseball game before, but after several friends stated that it would be a fun family event  even if we aren't baseball fans. So off we went!

Our view from our lawn seats


Jimmy John's Field was easily reached off of M-59. The address is 7171 Auburn Rd  Utica, MI. Coming from west M-59, we could see the stadium easily. Parking is free in nearby Utica city lots and attendants were there to direct us. The main parking lot is gravel rocks and connected to the stadium by a short walk via sidewalk. However, they also offered a shuttle for a limited number of paved Handicapped parking spots.


At first impression, the stadium was clean, well- organized, and appealing. There was plenty of staff available to answer our questions and signs were clear and easy to read. We bought tickets at the gate, but they are also available online at here. There is a wide variety of ticket packages available!

Highlights include:

*Free entrance for kids under 3 (lap seating unless on lawn)
*AAA discount of $2 off a ticket
* Family Fun Pack for $58 on Thur, Sat , or Sun ( 4 Backstop tickets, 4 sodas, 4 hotdogs)

Individual tickets are:

We purchased 4 lawn tickets with a AAA discount for a total of 16$! The lawn tickets were perfect because we could spread out on a blanket and chat without disturbing anyone around us. Be advised to wear sunscreen or hats! The lawn is a grassy hill that doesn't have shade, but the seats were excellent. We had a very clear view of the players, the scoreboard, and it was easy to see all the action.


 The games are at 7:05 or 1:35 on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays. A few games are held on Monday. We attended a Sunday 1:35 game based on advice that they are less crowded and even more family friendly! Gates open at 6:00 & 12:30 before the game.

Every game as a promotion and/or theme. Check  here to see each game promotion for the whole season if you want to plan ahead!


Food was standard ballpark choices and prices. All the vendors were easily seen, accessible, clean, and friendly. We got a hotdog ($4) and funnel cake (5$) to sample, both were delicious and fresh! Some games offer a promotional food offer. They had vegetarian and gluten-free options. The day we attended it was $8 for a jalapeƱo cheddar hotdog, bag of chips,and a soda. There was food available for sit-down, but we did not explore that area of the ballpark.


This park had plenty to do! First, get there early because the mascots are often outside the ballpark prior to the game for photos! We got pictures with both mascots.

Next, there is a playground next to the lawn seats. It is geared toward ages 5-12 and has lots of rope climbers, platforms, and climbing wall options. It had wood chips and was large enough to accommodate a crowd.

Right next to the playground was a wiffleball court! Kids got to play wiffleball with a Jimmy John Field employee pitching and helping maintain order in the small outfield!

At the end of the game, kids get to go out to the field to run the bases! It was fun with the team mascots cheering the kids on.

There is a free  Kids Club for up to age 12. It includes plenty of extras as well as FREE grandstand admission to Sunday games for kids! Sign up here in advance.

Many other small events happen at the games, when we attended they had free kids haircuts available, a free simple paper plate craft, and  giveaways.


There are 4 teams that play at Jimmy John's Field . Westside Wooly Mammoths, Birmingham-Bloomfield Beavers, Utica Unicorns, and Eastside Diamond Hoppers.

 We watched the Beavers play the Mammoths! Both mascots were out and about most of the game and available for pictures! They were very friendly and interactive with the fans.


*For lawn tickets, you can bring a blanket or two! (no chairs please)
* Souvenirs are available (baseballs, shirts, etc)
* Restrooms are plentiful, clean, and have baby changing stations
* Kids Reading Program available here
*They have all sorts of different packages for tours, fundraising, groups, baseball clinics, and more! Check out the website at https://uspbl.com

We stayed the whole game and enjoyed ourselves! It was busy, but not overly crowded. We had no trouble getting seats on the lawn. We were told some games are more popular and do sell-out so purchasing tickets in advance is advised. kids are already asking to return and we hope to attend another game soon, this time maybe try grandstand seating.


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