Jul 27, 2017

Visionworks and PAW Patrol - Sponsored Post

Yep, that's right: it's time to start thinking about back to school.   I know, it seems like we've only just started vacation but alas, time stops for no-one.  If your children have switched schools or are about to start kindergarten this year (*raises hand*) you've already filled out a stack of paperwork to get them started.  But did you know that the vision screening done at the pediatrician or preschool can miss up to 60% of children with common eye issues?  1 in 4 children have vision problems, and without a comprehensive eye exam to catch them, those vision problems can translate into problems in the classroom, not to mention socially.

That's why I'm so excited to tell you that Visionworks is teaming up with PAW Patrol to encourage caregivers of school-aged children to get those kids' eyes checked!  Now through September 3rd, when you book an appointment you not only get peace of mind but your child also receives a neat swag bag filled with PAW Patrol themed goodies.  We went to Visionworks to check it all out as part of this sponsored post and my daughter got some adorable new frames out of the deal, too!

Like most kids, my children aren't exactly fond of new places to go where they will end up poked and prodded and made to answer a hundred questions.  But the PAW Patrol imaging inside the store immediately made them relax.  They talked about which characters they liked (and who was allowed to pretend to be Skye and who was allowed to be Marshall).  Plus, not only did Hannah get a goodie bag but Nathan did too.  They took us in right away to get paperwork filled out and while we waited for the doctor we browsed frames.

She is way cooler than I will ever be.
Nathan even got in on the action.  I was nervous to let him try them on at first because, well, he's 4... but I shouldn't have worried.  The frames are made of a soft touch plastic (it almost feels like silicone) and the hinges bend 180 degrees to help ensure they aren't broken at their first tumble. What's even better is that polycarbonate impact-resistant lenses are included with kids lenses, plus they offer UV-coating as well.  His favorite feature was the PAW Patrol paw print on the arm of the frame and pointed it out to everyone in the waiting area; incidentally, Hannah liked this too.  The frames don't seem baby-ish at all!

He made short order of the stickers.

The actual exam was very thorough, with the doctor making sure to explain everything as he went along.  The lights were dimmed at various times but it wasn't ever truly dark. She even did a 3D vision test - something I've yet to do and I've been wearing glasses for over 20 years!

Now, I know back to school is already overwhelming enough for both kids and parents without adding another appointment to consider during those last dog days of summer, not to mention it's another expense.  I get it; as someone without vision insurance, I was thrilled to be able to get this package from Visionworks.  I was also pleased to discover that they have in-store specials.  Go to their offers page and type in your zip code; the special prices and discount codes for the Visionworks nearest you will pop up.  At the Sterling Heights location where I went, they have a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion or choose 40% off a complete pair of glasses.

So, are you in?  If so, click this link to get started on your PAW Patrol adventure!  Schedule your appointment online like I did and you'll get an email confirmation as well as a phone call the day before to confirm.  

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