Aug 10, 2017

Rainbow Birthday Party

July is a big month for birthdays in our house.  All three girls are in July, so we usually have a big celebration in the middle of the month.  This year he girls picked a rainbow theme. And I just wanted to share a few of the fun ideas we had that went with the theme.

I saw these huge lollipops at the dollar store and knew they had to be added to the goodie bags.  This whole piece cost about $25.  $12 for the lollipops, about $5 for the Skittles, $3 for the Pixie Sticks, $1 for the big bowl, $1 for the little bowl (for the Pixie Sticks) and $1 for the floral ring that I used to hold the lollipops in place.

My next idea was this rainbow tunnel, which took a couple of hours to create, but was also easy on the budget, at under $8.  The streamers and banner are both dollar store finds, and the poles we used were from our tent.

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We did a rainbow fruit tray and veggie tray, inspired by this pin:

Our cake was amazing and a huge hit.  It was made by an amazingly talented baker who will be opening a shop in Midtown Detroit soon called For the Love of Sugar.

Check out some of my other inspiration on My Rainbow Birthday Party Board on Pinterest:

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