Oct 12, 2017

Swimming Lessons for Infants: Sponsored by Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

With Six Metro Detroit Locations to serve you in Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills.

With natural bodies of water all around us in Michigan, the ability to swim is a crucial skill for those who like to enjoy a day at the beach, on a boat or at the pool.

Formal swimming instruction at Aqua-Tots Swim Schools begins at four months when children are able to hold up their head. The primary focus of these classes is to get the children used to being in the water through games, songs, and other fun activities.

Infant become acclimated to water through splashing, getting their ears and chins wet, rolling and floating on their backs so they can breathe and holding their breath during submersion. They also participate in other activities that prepare them with skills that will help them become independent swimmers.

During the lessons children and parents also work on establishing safe boundaries. Children are taught that they must wait for an adult to give them permission to enter the water. In addition to safe boundaries, infants are taught breath control during submersion activities and to reach for the side of the pool in case of accidental entry.

The classes also provide other great benefits such as bonding time with your child, tactile learning (from the water around them), spatial awareness, respect for water, social skills like waiting for their turn, and how to follow directions.

Naomi is our second child to participate in the parent/tot classes at Aqua-Tots. She just recently moved up to a level three class. Thanks to this fantastic curriculum, she is very comfortable and enjoys spending time in the water. The girls all love swimming at Aqua-Tots and we highly recommend the infant program to our fans.

In addition to the fantastic infant lessons, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools also hosts a FREE weekly open swim time for parents with infants 0-6 months old called Tiny Tot Time. The program provides families the opportunity to introduce infants to water in a safe, controlled environment. Learn more about the program here.

More About Aqua-Tots

Teaching kids to swim has been the foundation of Aqua-Tots since they began. And today they still take special care to make sure their swim schools are a welcoming, comfortable and inviting place for kids of all ages at our Detroit area locations including Canton, Novi, Sterling Heights, Troy, Auburn Hills and Farmington Hills. Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan offers swim classes for babies, toddlers, infants, kids, swim team, adults, and children with special needs at over 70 locations worldwide. With never more than 4 students per swim class, this intimate setting provides a great environment for children learning to swim. Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY in water evaluation and tour today.
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