Oct 16, 2017

The Comeback Cooler Now In Stores: #HudsonvilleHappy

I was selected as a Hudsonville Ice Cream brand ambassador and was compensated in exchange for writing this post. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this article are my own.

With much anticipation, we eagerly waited for the release of Hudsonville's newest flavor, the Comeback Cooler.  Earlier this year the Michigan-based company hosted a contest and asked customers to submit their ideas for a Detroit-inspired flavor.

In June. Hudsonville Ice Cream announced the winning flavor, the Comeback Cooler.  Tracy Heureux of Plymouth was selected as the winner of the contest with her submission titled Comeback Cooler.  In her entry, she reminisced that while living in Philadelphia, she missed the traditional Detroit styled "Boston Cooler" which is made with Vernors and vanilla ice cream.

From Hudsonville: "Named for the town you can’t keep down; we’ve captured the iconic flavor of a Boston Cooler you can serve on a cone. French Vanilla ice cream is richly swirled with sweet, ginger ale ribbon to form the nostalgic flavor of a Vernors Ginger Ale Float."

The Comeback Coler is the perfect blend of creamy, smooth vanilla ice cream with a ginger soda inspired flavor ribbon.  If you enjoy a Boston Cooler, the Comeback Cooler may become your new favorite Hudsonville Ice Cream flavor.

The Comeback Cooler is now available at select stores, you can use their handy scoop locator to find a retailer near you: https://www.hudsonvilleicecream.com/scoop-locator

Hudsonville Ice Cream is  Michigan, family-owned creamery with a rich history of making smooth, creamy, tantalizing ice cream.  The newest flavor, The Comeback Cooler, will join other Michigan-based flavors like Mackinac Island Fudge, Grand Traverse Bay Cherry Fudge, and Michigan Deer Traxx. 

More About Hudsonville

Did you know that Hudsonville is a Michigan Company?  The Hudsonville Creamery is situated in the pasturelands of West Michigan. They have been perfecting the art of ice cream making since 1926 and have introduced consumers to a variety of flavors that have become beloved favorites, both in Michigan and throughout the Midwest.   Hudsonville combines locally- sourced ingredients with their time-tested, 90-year recipe to craft premium ice cream you are sure to enjoy.   

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