Dec 29, 2017

Make Your Living Room Inviting With These Tips!

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Do you want a living room that’s not only functional but is inviting as well? Then you don’t need to worry! Mentioned here are some basic tips that can help your living room change into a place where people are drawn in and are tempted to stay!

1.        Take note of the placement of the TV
The TV should not be the full-time focal point of the room as it has the potential to deter conversation and take away valuable time you have with your family.
If possible, move the TV to another room like the basement or the den. As a result, you can enjoy the time you spend in the living room, whether it is with your friends, kids, or your partner.
If your TV must stay in your living room, then think about concealing it with cabinetry. Alternatively, you can also fully or partially insert it into a built-in with doors or wall-niche.

2.        Add leather club chair
Leather club chair is a necessity for making the living room inviting. These chairs end up becoming the comfort furniture for all the family members. Despite being a little expensive, they revamp your living room and make it more comfortable and inviting. With leather shoes and leather bags being the latest trend, leather is a luxury, and apart from offering comfort, it also adds style which is why you must have a pair of these in your living room.

3.        Anchor the floating furniture
If the sofa is placed in the middle of the living room, then you must anchor it using a sofa table. This will make the sofa look less like a floating island. Moreover, the area will also look more substantial and structured instead of appearing as if it is missing something. Sofa tables also take attention away from the low grade of the leather present on the sofa’s back and the unsightly upholstery seams, if any.
Where it is impossible to fit side tables, you can place a couple of lamps to make a small reading space.

4.        Don’t have fans right above the sitting place
It is true that ceiling fans cool down the place during the summers and improve the circulation of air for better distribution of heat in winters; however, it has been proved that psychologically, it is isn’t comfortable having rotating blades spinning over the head. Despite being anchored securely, a lot of people are apprehensive while sitting right beneath them.
Placing the ceiling fan in the center of the room over a coffee table or a circulation space is a much better approach.

5.        Make sure that the lighting is flexible

You should aim to have flexibility in lighting. Placing a few stylish drapery panes over the shades offers maximum light adjustment in the living room. Plus, it makes the room more pleasant for use throughout the year and different activities too. Drapes are also known for adding style and visually softening the hard-edged appearance that Venetian blinds have.

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  1. Wonderful tips to make my living room lively and inviting. I specially like the leather club chair addition, that definitely makes the place look more comfortable.