Dec 29, 2017

Patrick Garner's History's Alive! Meadow Brook Theatre - Children's Series

History's Alive

Lewis & Clark: 
Patrick Garner casts your audience in the roles of Lewis & Clark's "Corps of Discovery" to illustrate the mission to explore the newly-acquired Louisiana Purchase. The Corps is led by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Students learn of history's unsung hero, Clark's slave York. Resourceful Sacagawea proves herself a role model for every generation. (Did you remember she made the entire trek carrying her newborn son, Pompey?) Her ne'er-do-well husband, Toussaint Charbonneau. Ill-fated Sergeant Floyd. Accident-prone Pierre Cruzatte. Last minute savior, ancient Nez Pierce Watkuweis. Even Lewis' Newfoundland dog, Seaman!

The Wright Brothers
The world's greatest problem solvers show your kids how they solved the riddle of the ages. Wilbur, Orville & their sister, Katherine, use imaginative demonstrations, simple experiments and homespun smarts to lift your students up and never let them down!

How did two bicycle shop owners from Dayton, Ohio, solve the 3000-year-old question of man-powered flight?

Your students learn how Orville & Wilbur Wright turned determination, confidence, calculated risks, self-taught education and a knack for solving problems into the quintessential American success story!

Event Info

You can see History's Alive on Friday, March 2, 2018, at Meadow Brook Theatre (located on the Campus of Oakland University) at 10 am.

MBT is a professional theatre located on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, just off I-75 at the University Drive Exit. That is Exit #79. For internet directions, the address is 207 Wilson Hall, Rochester, 48309.

Ticket Info

I am so thrilled that we are working with Meadow Brook to offer our fans a special discount for all of the shows in the 2018 Children's Series.

Simply contact LeeAnn in the Group Sales dept. at 248-370-3316 and mention “METRO DETROIT MOMMY” at the beginning of the transaction to get the discount.

Tickets for History's Alive are normally $15 (plus service fees), MDM fan price is just $15 each with a $5 handling fee per transaction, so for a family of four, you can attend for just $65 (4*$15+$5) compared to $86.60 through Ticketmaster.

Group Sales is open Mon – Fri, 9am-6pm

- The tickets need to be purchased in advance. The offer will not be available for online purchases thru or for the day of show purchases at the Box Office.
- The discount cannot be applied to any previously purchased tickets.
-Discount not available via online purchase (
-$5.00 Handling fee applies to each order (not per ticket)

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