Dec 7, 2017

Post-Baby Breast Augmentation: A Few Things to Think About

Motherhood changes us forever. It ushers in a world of little league home runs, A+ book reports, Sunday snuggles, and “I love you’s.” But let's be real, too: Pregnancy and breastfeeding change our bodies forever, too — and for many of us, not in the most favorable ways.
Hormonal changes and the production of breast milk causes the chest to swell, but once we stop producing milk, it is not uncommon for breasts to look deflated. And "deflated" is not the word you want to come to mind when you think about your appearance.

First: Know you're not alone.

Missing your pre-pregnancy breasts is normal. If you feel as if you have lost your womanhood or sensuality with this breast fluctuation, a breast augmentation may be right for you. In Ann Arbor and throughout the United States, it remains one of the most common cosmetic surgeries year after year, and can be a great way to regain your self-esteem. However, before deciding on the procedure there are a few things you should consider.

Wait until you are done having children.

Because of the way pregnancy and breastfeeding affect our breasts, it is probably a good idea to wait until you are finished having kids. If you do decide to have your surgery now and end up having another child in the future, it could alter the results in unpredictable ways.

Do your research.

When deciding on a surgeon, the first thing to make sure of is that he or she is board certified and has years of experience doing breast surgeries. You must also research types, shapes, and sizes of implants. Once you find a surgeon you trust, he or she can help you decide what implants are right for you.

Prepare for recovery.

If you have young children, having help is important. You won’t be able to pick up your children for several days after surgery. Also, if your children need transportation to school or extracurriculars, you will need to schedule rides for them during the first few days post-op.

Give yourself time to heal.

Don’t rush back into your daily activities too quickly. If you overexert yourself, it will slow down the healing process. Think of it as giving your family a chance to appreciate all the things you do for them on a daily basis.

Think it over.

Having said all this, I’m not necessarily recommending plastic surgery. There are certainly reputable surgeons here in Ann Arbor, but ultimately, getting a breast augmentation is a decision you need to make on your own. Your body is just that—yours. If you believe it can help you feel better about your body after pregnancy, then you should consider it. You deserve to feel confident about yourself throughout your whole life, even after having children. 

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