Feb 7, 2018

Are Queen Sized Mattresses Too Small for Parents

Guest Blog Post:

Sharing a bed is a tricky affair. Chances are that one person is likely to lose out on quality sleep. Couples, in particular, suffer considerably, especially when they haven’t found a mattress that works for the both of them. Considering that we all have different sleeping behaviors, they have to do lots of research if they are to find a bed that will complement their needs and preferences. Queen beds for parents are an excellent option. However, it’s relative; for a queen bed to be the perfect fit, their body sizes and how often their kids sleep on their bed have to be taken into account.

To determine whether the queen sized mattress will be too small for parents, they have to consider the following:

How Often Do They Co-Sleep?

I am inclined to believe that each family has their routines and behaviors. This means that we tend to do things differently from how others do. For some parents, they prefer co-sleeping with their children. Of course, if they have more than one child, chances of all of them fitting on the queen bed comfortably is unlikely. If co-sleeping isn’t a regular thing, then the queen size mattress won’t be too small. If it’s the routine, then it will be too small, and you may have to consider getting a bigger mattress.

Body Size

The body size of both parents is an issue that must be put into account before making a mattress purchase. You don’t want to get a mattress that won’t offer the necessary comfort and support for a good night’s sleep. Queen beds have a dimension of 60” x 80”, that’s 6”wider and 5” longer than a full bed. So, it also caters to big sized couples. A queen size mattress isn’t too small for parents, in fact, it fits well, and enough room will be left for moving around. In some cases you may need to look for king size beds.  For co-sleeping parents who are small in body size, the queen bed may just be enough!

Comfort and Support

Comfort and support are crucial factors that must be considered before making a mattress purchase. The queen size mattress offers more comfort and support thanks to its size. For custom made mattresses, the parents can each have the firmness level on their sides adjusted to suit their sleeping positions. The bed size ensures that it provides the needed support to distribute your weight along the bed and offer comfort. Therefore, we can’t really say it’s too small for parents.

Motion Transfer

Queen beds are popular not just because they are a perfect fit for the majority of couples but because some brands have been designed to reduce motion transfer. Nothing spoils a good night’s rest like having to wake up each time your partner turns. The size and materials used to make these mattresses limit motion transfer when we turn in bed. The fact that you won’t feel your partner turn makes queen beds ideal and definitely not too small.

Personal Space

The issue of space when considering queen size mattresses is two way:

i). The personal space that you enjoy while in bed.

ii). Space the bed covers in your room.

The personal area offered by this mattress is quite enough especially for a small or medium size parents. Each partner has approximately 30” of personal space. If you aren’t the type that moves all over the bed at night, then the queen mattress will just be enough for you.

How big is your room? A queen bed is ideal for big master bedrooms. For smaller rooms, it will be too big.

Queen sized mattresses are considered ideal for parents. They are not too small, well, unless they are co-sleeping or are big in size. Otherwise, queen beds offer enough space, comfort, and support.

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