Mar 11, 2018

Are you raising a Nerf fanatic? Book a birthday party at Dueling Darts

When I say that my son is a Nerf fanatic, I mean HE IS A NERF FANATIC.
He is obsessed with all things Nerf and wants to have battles daily, with anyone at any time. His friends all seem to be in to Nerf as well and a quick search of Pinterest reveals that Nerf-themed birthday parties are popular.

So a few months before his 8th birthday, he asked for a Nerf party. Not wanting a dozen or so wild 8-year-olds tearing up my house and pelting each other with Nerf darts, I decided to look for an alternative location for this shindig.

A friend had liked a place called Dueling Darts on Facebook and other friends had mentioned a similar place in Detroit, called the Detroit Dart Club. Since Dueling Darts in Clinton Township is a little closer to our home, I called them to talk about party planning.
The owners are friendly and open to questions, and so we settled on a date. One teensy drawback: They don’t take credit cards for party deposits so I had to drive to their location and put down a cash deposit. It was good to see the place and talk to the owners about how the party would run. I was assured it would not be a free-for-all and that there would be structured games for attendees.

One other teensy drawback. They only allow players aged 7 and up. We normally invite younger siblings to parties, so this was a bit of a bummer, but once I saw the party games in action, it makes sense. Even some of the guests at our party (who were all 8-10) struggled with the rules – especially keeping safety glasses on at all times and not aiming for people’s faces.
There are several benefits to having a party at Dueling Darts. They provide all Nerf blasters and darts, so if your guests don’t have them, no worries. You can’t even bring in your own Nerf blasters or darts for safety reasons. Also, you can bring in all your own food – including adult beverages. This wasn’t a huge deal for us, as it was a kid party but a mom’s night out or a couple’s party might find this a sweet deal.
The party runs very well and time flies. The birthday parties are 90 minutes, which seemed a bit short. I would have rather had two full hours, but no one left unhappy. It just seemed rushed at the end.
The facility is very nice and super clean and the owners really know how to get the party guests active and engaged.
All the kids had fun and were begging for another round in the arena after they had pizza, cake and drinks. My son keeps asking to have another party there. Some of the dads participated as well and they had a lot of fun, too.

It’s a unique party for sure, and one that your child and his or her friends will be talking about for a long time. It’s also reasonably priced. A weekend party for up to 10 is $200; each additional player is $15. They take safety seriously and everyone has to sign a waiver and wear safety glasses.

In all, we were very pleased with our birthday party at Dueling Darts. We will definitely be back!

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